Ever wonder to yourself “Why the heck does Mark Harbert go on about video marketing so much?”

I promise you, I've got some really good reasons for that.

About 80K Reasons in Fact!

Because when I got started in the home business industry, I needed results and leads FAST! And since then, a huge portion of the 80K+ leads I've generated so far, have come through video marketing in one way or another.

But the question is WHY? Why does video work so darn well? Luckily I've got the answer for you today.

“Rapport” Is Vital In Any Sales, Recruiting, or Persuasion Situation.

If you're reading this blog, it's very likely that you're in one of those situations. Therefore you MUST build rapport before you can convince anyone to do anything? Things like subscribing to your list, or even buy something from you!

Now the question begging to be answered is: “How do you build rapport?” Hey, thought you'd never ask. Just so happens that I know the 3 vital elements for building rapport.

And luckily… marketing with videos will allow you to achieve all 3 very quickly!

The 3 Vital Elements to Build Rapport Quickly (And Why Video Works BEST!)

#1 KNOW!

Ever built a connection with someone you don't KNOW? Not likely!

Once someone knows who you are, you've started that connection in their mind. Sure, it may not be a real connection, but in your prospect's mind, it's very much perceived as so.

And the best way to get someone feeling like they know you is to get in front of them and look 'em in the eye.

When you market with what I like to call “Talking Head” videos, you're able to create an almost IMMEDIATE sense of KNOW! You're talking to them, and they're looking right in your eyes as if you're right in front of them.

And therefore it starts forming the exact rapport that you need to build… to get people to whip out a credit card and purchase from you.

So this is only step one. But before we move on a quick question…

If two people walked up to you with the same product… one a complete stranger…and the other someone you already know, who would you realistically be more likely to buy from?

#2: LIKE!

Let's take this a step further: If two people walked up to you with the same product… one someone you know… the other someone you know and LIKE… who are you going to buy from?

MOST people will buy from someone they liked much faster.

What makes someone like you?

Commonality is a HUGE factor. We like people who we feel are like us. You automatically feel more connected to people who share similar interests, opinions, wants, desires, goals, tastes, etc. It creates a bond between them and you.

How does VIDEO MARKETING get people to like you?

It's actually quite simple.

When someone searches a term on Google or YouTube, and they find your video, that means you and them already share some interests. The subject they've actually searched for! In the home biz industry, it likely means you also share some goals.

In your videos, you'll talk about yourself a bit. Pepper in pieces of your story. About your life, your family, your past, etc. Chances are that something you say will be similar to them, which will create a connection from your commonalities.

Of course, once they open your video and begin to watch, you'll share something useful with them. And we generally like people more when they give us something of value. This can all happen within a 3-minute video or less!

But there's one more essential element…


Prospects WILL NOT give you their money, or keep following you unless they trust you.

If you've built the know and like… then TRUST is right around the corner! But not guaranteed.

Simply knowing what you're talking about is the first step. If you give advice, and they use it and get results, they'll be locked into you.

Of course, your videos should be used to build your list, so once a lead, you can put the finishing touches on the trust factor within your email campaigns. With more proof, testimonials, and ways to get your prospects results.

Video Marketing Can Take Care of ALL the Above VERY Rapidly When Done Right!

Here's the bottom line. What would take weeks or even months of exposure with other online marketing methods, can be 99% taken care of with video marketing!

Now it's time for YOU to get out there, and start building rapport with YOUR videos!

You rock,

Mark Harbert

PS: Wondering What Tools You Need To Get Started Online? This Is A Perfect Place To Start

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    • Dr. Lisa Thompson

      Best comments and leads I get Mark are from my videos where they said “I feel like I know you already.”

      Thanks for teaching me this awesome lesson Mark 🙂

      Dr. Lisa

    • bruce barton

      Mark I love your video and the value you put out thanks

    • Tyronne Ratcliff

      Awesome video marketing tips Mark,thanks!

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