Sometimes the thing that holds us back from starting our blog, or blogging consistently, is that we simply don't understand a few certain things that we should understand.

No I'm not talking about the technical aspects of blogging.

Heck these days, with certain blog building tools, the techie stuff isn't even much of a concern anymore. In fact it's easy in a lot of cases. (MLSP SITES for instance makes setting up and maintaining a blog brain-dead simple!)

Nope, what we're going to dig into today is not about YOU at all actually.

Because the most important thing when you're blogging is to focus on your potential reader. That's who matters most. That's why you have a blog.

Your #1 goal is to provide massive value to your blog visitors, so that they a) see you as a credible authority, and therefore become a lead and b) see you as a credible authority and therefore come back over and over to read more blog posts!

The more you perpetuate that cycle, the more leads, sales, and sign-ups you'll gain from your blog. 😉

So let's dig in…

The 3 Questions You MUST Ask About Your Potential Blog Visitors…

#1 Who Is Your Prospect?

Here's the deal.

You'll never know what topics to blog about, if you don't know precisely who your prospects are. In other words, who do you want to TARGET with your blog?

Because getting anybody else to your blog besides these people is a bit of a waste.

Questions you'll want to know the answer to:

** Who is your target market?

** What is their gender?

** How old are they?

** Where do they hang out most online?

** What are THEIR main goals?

** Why would they want to come to your blog?

To know that, you have to know the answer to the next question…

#2 What Does Your Prospect Want?

Getting clear on WHO your target prospect is, will help you figure out what they want.

Why do you need to know this? Because again…the reason you have a blog is to serve them.

For instance, if you'll look at the top of this blog, next to my strikingly handsome picture, you can see exactly who my target market is.

“Providing Video Marketers with the Latest Secrets and Strategies to Get More Leads and Sales”

I know that my target market is video marketers, and/or people who are looking to start video marketing.

Now let me make an important point, so that you're not confused. There is some wiggle room. While you want to narrow down to be as precise as possible, you also have to consider that nothing is completely linear. There is overflow.

Look at the last part of my tagline that reads: “Strategies to Get More Leads and Sales!”

So if you were saying to yourself “So why the heck is Mark blogging about blogging if his target market is video marketers?”

It's because I know that a) Some people will come to this blog because they're home biz owners and they want more leads and sales and b) I also know that blogging is an element that can fit in alongside video marketing.

Therefore you want to whittle down as narrow as possible, but you don't want to completely pigeon-hole yourself.

Another Example So You Understand This Point…

Let's say you've got a blog and your main target market is people who want to lose weight.

There's a good chance that you'll have people in the beginning of that process, some at the middle of that process, and some at the end of that process. Those at the end may now be thinking about how to get fit and/or muscle tone.

It wouldn't be inappropriate therefore to blog about how to tone abs, or arms.

You could also blog about nutrition, weight training, endurance, etc.

Just never forget who your core market is, and that there will be people in different stages of the game visiting your blog.

#3 How Can YOU Make it Easier for Them to Achieve Their Goals?

Your prospects are searching for a leader who can get them from point A to point Z of achieving their goal.

The key to quickly gain huge credibility with this market is to get them from A to B. Or A to C.

For example if your target market is home biz owners who want to earn $6-Figures, how will they feel about you if you got them from zero to let's say $500 extra month? Think that will earn you some credibility and trust?

You bet it will!

If your target market is people who want to lose 200 pounds or more, do you think that you'll earn some of their trust if your blog posts helped them drop 15 pounds in a 2 week period? Think they'd stick around with you a while?

Of course they will.

So you want to create content that can make them take steps to their end goal, and build massive trust among your blog visitors. Then they'll follow you to the ends of the internet to work with you on the remainder of their goals!!

Now go figure out exactly who your best prospect is, what they want, and create content that gets them closer to that goal! That's your ticket to a profitable business, and financial freedom!!

Did this help you? If so leave me a comment and feel free to share.

You rock,

Mark Harbert

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