As I do coaching and helping my students, I get the question quite frequently…

“Mark, what is the best strategy to get leads?”

and the truth is, there is no cut and dry answer.

This video I did for you answers how to determine which strategy is best for you. Enjoy!

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    4 replies to "What Is The Best Strategy To Generate Leads?"

    • Scott Cayouette

      Really enjoyed this post and very informative…I want to know more

    • Andre Catnott

      I most def agree with this.

      Got to be a master of one strategy before you move on to the next.

      Great stuff Mark.

    • Michael Simons

      Hi, Mark,

      Thanks for your honest take on this.

      How does one know where to start doing lead generation?

      Is there a guideline as to which lead generation strategy — or social media platform — generally works the best for certain kinds of industries?


    • Rodney Brazier

      I just started following your training, and so far I'm loving the value you deliver in each video!

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