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"You're About To Discover How To Get More Leads, Make More Sales, and Brand Yourself Like an Online Rockstar Using Nothing But A Blog"




A 5-Module Training Course Designed To Help YOU Get More LeadsMake More Sales, & Brand Yourself Just Like The Top Marketers Online!

Here's What You Get Inside BLOGGING ACADEMY:

MODULE 1: Blogging Basics For 'Rockstar-Like' Status

In this module you will learn the simple process of setting up your own self hosted WordPress blog in record time. As a matter of fact, its so easy you will wonder why you waited so long to do it. Also, as part of this module you will learn some of the most key aspects to blogging like.....

  • What plugins you need to install and how to configure them...
  • What most people fail to do on their blog that sets them up for failure right from the beginning. By doing this right away, you save yourself time, wasted energy and tons of heartache...
  • Your new blog is one of the best online assets you will ever have, I am going to show you one of the key things you must do if you're going to protect your online asset for years.... Some people forget to do this, and their entire business is wiped away in a matter of seconds...

MODULE 2: The Blog Branding Blueprint For 'INSTANT' Authority

Ever wonder why the top earners online seem to recruit people into their various programs and opportunities in a way that is almost to easy? It's simple, they are viewed as an authority by their followers.

In this module I am going to reveal to you....

  • The simple 'BRANDING EFFECT' that will set you apart from all other marketers online. As a matter of fact, It will make you almost impossible to ignore...
  • What to set up on your blog that all but ensures you will not only get sales, but ensures you will get leads at will like all the top earners do...
  • How to optimize YOUR blog so that it all but guarantees you will get the subscriber every time. HINT: I use this method all the time on my blog, and the results are crazy. I am going to reveal it all to you...

MODULE 3: Viral Content Creation Like A Seasoned Pro

Do you struggle with content creation ideas? Doesn't it always seem like the top earners online seemingly create content almost at will, and its always just so good that you wonder how your going to do the same?

In this jam-packed module I am going to uncover....

  • How to come up with endless content ideas to post on YOUR blog so that even if you're a complete and total newbie not one person needs to know because your content will kick some major bootie!
  • OUTSOURCING! Yes, thats right! Would YOU be surprised to know that I don't always write all of my own blog posts? Thats right and I am going to reveal to YOU exactly how and where you can get amazing content for literally pennies that is sure to give all YOUR followers MAJOR VALUE!
  • How and why YOU MUST and I do mean MUST optimize your content to get interaction on each blog post. Not only will I reveal to you my exact blog post optimization strategy, but its so simple most bloggers miss it completely...

MODULE 4: 'Social Traffic Domination' With Native Advertising

Did you know you can drive traffic to your blog posts and GENERATE MASSIVE LEAD FLOW in the process using social media? Yup, its true.

In this module you will discover...

  • A little known traffic strategy that very few people are practicing called NATIVE ADVERTISING, and why using this strategy can produce seriously high quality leads for anybody that employs it their arsenal....
  • How to create SUPER TARGETED ads straight to your content that is sure to get you results. HINT: Facebook loves this and is moving more to this model. Why? To improve user experience and you must change with them...
  • A super awesome strategy that will allow you to create a hyper responsive audience to target every single time on Facebook. This is such a cool strategy.

MODULE 5: LIVE Coaching Session & Blog Reviews

Ever needed help and wonder if your doing it right? I totally get it, and just know, You're not alone!

As a matter of fact, many people get stumped moving forward because they run into tech problems. This LIVE module will be a coaching and tech session completely and totally designed to...

  • Answer your questions regarding your blog set up and optimization. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL get MAJOR nuggets from this module alone.
  • HOT SEAT BLOG REVIEWS! I will review and help several students LIVE on how to set up their blogs properly so they can make changes that help them with conversions. The good news? YOU get to watch all of it and take away all the wisdom and GOLD NUGGETS to put it into practice for YOUR blog...
  • Much, much more...


Don't just take my word for it, look at what some of the students who where a part of the course had to say after one of the live modules...


These special bonuses will help kick start your progress into blogging!

BONUS #1: 'Blogging Academy' Facebook Mastermind Group

Get access to the "Blogging Academy" official Facebook group to connect with other students and get support for on you blogging journey.

Inside this PRIVATE group you will be able too...

  • Get support when you need it by connecting with other students in the course as well as myself.
  • Forge partnerships and relationships with other active marketers that are moving in the same direction as you. Can you say POWERFUL?
  • Accountability. Did you know, that most people don't succeed because they have nobody holding them accountable? Our thriving Facebook group will help you stay accountable to your dreams and goals

BONUS #2: 200 Blog Content Creation Ideas 'PDF Download'

Never skip a beat when coming up with content creation ideas!

Do you find it hard to come up with good ideas or even suffer from writers block and it holds you back from pumping good content into the marketplace?

Well struggle no more! With this PDF DOWNLOAD you can...

  • Print it off and keep it right on your desk for quick and easy reference whenever you want to do a blog post...
  • Rest easy and never stress over what do write about, as inspiration is literally only 2 seconds away...
  • Find worthwhile topics that are proven to help you create content that is shareable, and high quality
  • Much more....

BONUS #3: Special Training Webinar With SEO Wizard Rob Fore

This was a BONUS that wasn't planned originally with SEO master Rob Fore.

Don't know who Rob Fore is? He is considered by many to be the king of SEO in the home business space.

Rob came on and did 2.5+ hours of hard core SEO training on what is working RIGHT NOW in the world of SEO.

He pretty much shocked everybody when he showed exactly how easy SEO has gotten in the past year and how you can rank content following a simple blueprint that he lays out.

In this special BONUS training you will learn...

  • Rob's simple duplicatable SEO blueprint for quick and easy automated SEO system that makes SEO easy for even the newbie...
  • Why the SEO gurus are being left behind because they have failed to adapt to the NEW SEO which is totally different than a few years ago, but 1000 times more easy...
  • Much more....

Total Value...


MODULE 1: Blogging Basics For 'Rockstar-Like' Status

MODULE 2: The Blog Branding Blueprint For 'INSTANT' Authority

MODULE 3: Viral Content Creation Like A Seasoned Pro

MODULE 4: 'Social Traffic Domination' With Native Advertising

MODULE 5: LIVE Coaching Session & Blog Reviews

BONUS #1: 'Blogging Academy' Facebook Mastermind Group

BONUS #2: 200 Blog Content Creation Ideas 'PDF Download'

BONUS #3: SEO Training With Rob Fore

Total Value

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Action Takers Only Money Back Guarantee

I'm taking a different approach to my 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee that's going to help YOU commit to being the true action taker that you must be!

So I'm saying “screw it” with your everyday cookie-cutter GUARANTEE that gives you the chance to back out of fulfilling YOUR dreams.

I'll gladly refund you EVERY PENNY of your investment IF you come to me within 30 Days of your investment and SHOW ME SOLID EVIDENCE that you've put this system into action.

In other words, only actions takers are eligible for a full refund after they have proven that they have taken the needed steps to apply the information.

The truth is…if you're not going to put this course to use, then I'd rather you just click away now and not purchase.

Blogging Academy is for business owners who are committed to implementing profit producing systems into their business, and NOT merely for tire kickers only interested in collecting more information that collects dust on their hard drives.

My staff and I will be strict on this policy – you absolutely must do the work and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.

There’s transformation waiting for you inside this training course, and since my main goal is your success, I’m not afraid to give you some tough love when it comes to holding you accountable to yourself, your family, and your dreams.

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