Last night was off the hook awesome. We maxed out the webinar software and had people that couldn't get on live.

I have already gotten about 15 emails this morning asking for the replay because they couldn't get on, so here it is.

I also launched my new Blogging Academy LIVE course starting February 17th. You can register for the live training at the link below the video replay here.


Register For The 5 Webinar Training Series
“Blogging Academy” here.


    5 replies to "Blogging Clinic Replay"

    • Greg WithMatlock

      I love this Guy❤️ Value and dedication to helping others succeed .

    • Teresa Schimandle

      I Love This. His step by step training is amazing and so easy. Don't have to spin my wheels. Nice to have someone who's been there done that as a trainer. Saving me soooo much time. Deffinately worth the money!! Mama T

    • John King

      Mark Harbert, John King here, from Ask John I have followed you for a long time and you have been nothing but consistent in all of your training. Mark you have given me way more value than any other person I have seen on the internet. This video is recorded when I am listing to your wake up call. Even your wake up calls are all value and no pitch. I want to learn more of how you help others every day. Thank you again Mark for all you do. call me anytime: 312-388-2868

    • Mark Harbert

      Thanks so much Teresa, you rock my friend.

    • Mark Harbert

      YOu rock bud. Thanks so much

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