How To Succeed With Email Marketing In 2022 and Beyond!

(Even If You’re Brand New and Don’t Have an Email List Now!)

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Web Class: Tuesday, November 16th
@ 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific

Mark Harbert
Your Host and Trainer

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What You'll Discover...

Why the power of even a small email list obliterates social media followers (even if you have millions!)
The B.E.S. blueprint that creates a hyper-engaged email list who anxiously buy everything you promote...
The MASSIVE mistake that sends emails straight to the spam folder (Hint: 99% of email marketers are making this FATAL blunder and they don’t even know it!)
The secret formula top email marketers use to achieve sky high open and click-thru rates (hint: they only share these with their highest paying clients)
A simple yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE trick I have used for years to ensure every email I send goes to the Gmail primary tab EVERY TIME!
Plus tons more stuffed into this jam-packed Web Class!

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