If you are trying to rank your WordPress blog in Google, it's probably smart to use this free Google tool to help you to achieve your goal.

free Google tool

I have to admit, I haven't really used this much myself on my blogs in the past.

However, since using it I have now found this free Google tool and the information that it supplies to be invaluable to the success of my blog moving forward.

Google webmaster central when integrated into your WordPress blog will allow you to collect extremely valuable information.

This data can reveal to you how Google is viewing your blog, but more importantly show you can make improvements that Google likes and improve your rankings.

Using this free Google tool has allowed me to get information like html errors that needed to be fixed, official crawling statistics, back links to my site, and much more information that I would have to guess on in the past.

The reality is that the best place to go to get information on SEO is from the source itself, the mighty Google.

Instead of buying all these products and courses, go to Google and read up first if you are trying to understand SEO.

I know you will probably run into a lot of technical jargon and things that may not make sense but hey that's what makes learning fun right? If you don't understand something, Google it!

On my post from yesterday The Top Ten WordPress Plugins I talked about the plugin “SEOPressor” and how this can help with your on page SEO article writing.

Even with this plugin, there is no substitute for knowing the ins and outs of SEO so that you can make better decisions for your blog as you build it for years to come.

All though understanding SEO is not necessary for success in network marketing, if you want to learn the skill of blogging, this free Google tool at webmasters central will certainly help you a lot in your quest for knowledge.

Here is a tutorial video I put together on how I have used this free Google tool to increase the optimization of my blog and how you can implement it for yours as well.

Using this free Google tool to optimize your blog can only help you as you build your home base on the internet for building your network marketing business.

    5 replies to "Use This Free Google Tool To Optimize Your WordPress Blog"

    • Mike Sherratt

      Hey Mark,Cool post have wrote here buddy will check this info out nice to have met you hope to see more of your posts and share some tips buddy – Mike

      • Mark Harbert


        Thanks for stopping by my friend. Great to see you here, and keep an eye out, I have a bunch more cool WordPress tips and tricks to share, so stay tuned. 🙂

        Mark Harbert

    • Barbie

      You are the freaking WordPress Master! Thanks to you, I was able to organize my share plugin in a way I would have never figured out myself. Looking forward to sitting down with this video again to make sure I have everything installed properly! Great Value as always Mark!

      • Mark Harbert


        Its always the greatest compliment to receive a compliment from a leader like you. You Rock my friend.

        Mark Harbert

    • Sam Wilson

      Mark do you think this tool is better then the Google webmasters? Is this something only use for wordpress or can I use it on some of my HTML sites?

      I do see how it can be a good tool to have so thanks for sharing. I just need some understanding to the two questions above.


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