There is a good chance you are here because you are actively searching for information on how to build your Gano Excel business.

The other possibility is that you are not yet a distributor and you are looking into whether this company is a proper fit for you. Either way you will find this article to be very informative and help you in your quest to success.

Lets go over this company and help you to understand what Gano Excel is all about before we get into the real meat and potatoes of how to be successful in this opportunity.

Gano Excel – The Company

Gano ExcelGano Excel is a multilevel marketing company that promotes health and wealth. The company promotes health products and at the same time provide them with a continuous and immediate income stream though strategic marketing. Gano Excel is all over the world, with distributors in over a hundred different countries around the globe.

The company believes that developing a successful business starts with a collaboration of leaders. This success cannot only be experienced by the company alone but as well as the employees and the community in which it operates.

With the vision of being the premier company in the industry of health and wellness, Gano Excel only promotes products that are proven to be the best and are of high quality which provides the body with optimum nutritional wellness.

Gano Excel – The Products

Gano Excel has products with the main ingredient being from the plant Ganoderma lucidium. The plant is what many people, especially those from the earlier times, consider as the ‘King of Herbs’. The products include healthy supplements, household products, skin care products and nutritional beverages.

The following are the supplements offered by Gano Excel:

  • Ganoderma – increase the body’s natural defense
  • Excellium – contains a wide variety of necessary vitamins and minerals from the ycelium of the Ganoderma plant
  • Gano Garcinia – combied Ganoderma plant with the fruit Garcinia to enhance the control of body weight
  • Other supplements include Sakanno, Codyceps, and Royal Excellium

The following are the beverages offered by Gano Excel:

  • GanoCafe 3-in-1 – coffee with an extract of Ganoderma plant
  • Gano Schokolade – energy drink containing the mixture of high quality cocoa, skim milk and the Ganoderma plant extract
  • Other beverages include Ganocafe Mocha, Ganocafe Classic, Ganotea o’ leaf and many more others.

The following are the skin care products offered by Gano Excel:

  • Gano Soap – soap with an extract of the Ganoderma plant helps cleans, beautify and moisturize the body
  • Gano Transparent Soap – helps whitens the skin with the help of the Ganoderma plant extract, papaya and aloe vera
  • Gano Fresh – a Ganoderma plant extract toothpaste that helps in making the mouth, gums and teeth refreshed and clean.

I can say with all certainty that Gano Excel has great products as I have tasted them first hand and the beverages are fantastic.

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Gano Excel – The Compensation Plan

With the vibrant growth of direct selling industry, the immediate and residual income in Gano Excel is excellent. Moreover, by using network marketing as its business model, the members would not only benefit with continually increasing amount of income but also with a better and flexible time schedule for their lives.

As a marketing consultant/distributor, you work on your own time because you are the actual business owner. The company will always continue to provide you with full support through tools, seminars and trainings as part of their commitment to their distributors.

By having time to create the lifestyle you want together with family and friends and while making money effortlessly through this great compensation plan, Gano Excel can indeed be your way to financial freedom.

Gano Excel – Marketing This Opportunity and Actually Turning A Profit

While this company is backed by a worldwide infrastructure and is clearly here for the long-term, just being in Gano Excel will not ensure your success even if you are passionate about healthy coffee!Gano Excel Review

As a matter of fact, the statistics say that over 97% of all people who come into this industry fail in their business. So why is this?

Well I can assure you, it is not because network marketing or direct sales doesn't work, quite the contrary as this industry has produced millionaire after millionaire and has investment tycoons from all walks looking to invest in this business model.

The truth is most fail really because of only two simple reasons. One reason most fail in this industry is because of mindset.

To many people lack the skills it takes to market effectively and do it in a way that will constantly bring in sales and distributors. This is because they come in and do not treat their business like a business.

This is a real business that takes time and effort to master the basics of business to be successful.

However, the number one reason overall for failure in this industry in the inability by distributors to generate leads for their business consistently.

Ultimately it is not their fault, as most distributors just follow what their upline instructs them to do. The problem is, when you have gone through your warm market, where do you go next?

How do you get over the lack of leads for your business? This is a question that has stumped networkers for years, and now with the use of the internet in the last few years, this never has to be a problem ever again.

You literally have an endless amount of leads to connect with on a daily basis, but you just need to get the training necessary to generate upwards of 10-20 targeted leads everyday in your business. Do you think your business would change if you have that many leads coming in daily?

What is the next step in your Gano Excel Business?

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    • Cristinne

      Thank you for all this information about Gano Excel, I found this very useful. I think Gano excel has really good products and business plan.

    • Benito Smith

      This is a great article about Gano Excel Mark! I actually didn’t know how popular of a company this was until now. I have been throwing around the idea of joining, but I think I may just pull the trigger. Thanks again!!

    • Ruth Baloiloi

      Would like to register, How do I do that?

    • MC Yarbrough

      Nice article.

    • Earle English

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      To your health and coffee pleasure.
      Earle and Delia.

    • Evie Cook

      There is an experience I had with Gano Excel that blew my mind. After experiencing good results from their products, the camaraderie and very clean and presentable office quarters, I was shocked to discover a very key fact that was kept from me as a new distributor. This was 4-5 years ago.

      Their MLM structure is that you get two “legs” under you. You can only have two people directly below you.You have to get two people, one to be at the top of each leg, before you get any commissions. I believe each of them have to get two people too—I can’t remember. But here’s the point—When I signed up, the people getting me signed up had to leave me for a minute and “check the computer” as far as the best place to put me in the downline. Why not just put me under the woman (a good friend) who got me interested? Because you can only have two below you and she already had two. So they had to figure out where to put me in the downline, under someone else. Wierd. I think I went one step lower and at one point briefly talked to my new upline lady, also a girlfriend of my girlfriend. She was nice.

      I would go to my friend for questions and she was almost as new as I was, so she’d refer me to the guy who got her in. He would noticably play dumb and refer me to someone else, a very high-up man who to his credit would answer me, but why did I have to go to him? (The guy playing dumb was a VERY successful businessman in several other businesses and I already knew this. So that was the first sign that something was fishy.)

      I went to a lot of lectures and how-to’s, loved the product, was pretty gung-ho, and really tried to get people below me. I was not successful over a long period of time. So the “leg” of the downline that I was in had basically stopped at me. Because of this the leg I was in was considerably shorter than my girlfriend’s other leg. Her other leg had more of her friends and they all jumped in and there were several more levels rather quickly. I was glad for her and thought she was making some decent commissions.

      Then one day she called me and said I had to get some people below me, was I having trouble with it (obviously yes) and I should keep trying. I apologized to her and told her I just wanted to let my membership run out, use the rest of my product myself and then buy from her personally when I wanted more. She tried again to get me enthusiastic.

      I asked her why I mattered so much—she had a lot of people on her other leg so she should be doing OK. Then I find out the rub. YOU GET PAID OFF OF ONLY ONE LEG–THE SHORTER ONE! So of course she had to make her shorter leg longer and I had to get people under me so she could actually get some money that was more than a few dollars.

      That did it. I told her I thought that was extremely sneaky and asked her if, in all her meetings and lectures she went to, was she ever told this particularly significant information. She said No. But she figured it out when she got very little commissions with so many people below her. I was furious at the dishonesty from the “higher-ups” and all the lecturers who explained the pyramid structure over and over again, carefully avoiding saying anything about getting paid on only one leg, the shortest one at that. In my mind this was totally intentional.

      I did drop out, and about another year later ran into the businessman at another community activity. I told him about this and how extremely disappointed I was that this was withheld from my girlfriend and myself. He was quiet, looked sad and like a little kid who was caught doing something wrong. He did not refute it at all or come to Gano’s defense. Caught red-handed.

      So beware, if you decide to go with these people, that you have to work much much much more for the commissions you thought you’d get when you signed up.

      • Mark Harbert


        Here is my personal opinion on your comment. First, I am not a part of the company, nor affiliated in anyway with Gano Excel. However, let me just say that it is not the companies job to make sure you know every little aspect of their compensation plan. When you sign up you agree to the terms and conditions of the company. Next time before you sign up you may want to take some time to make sure you understand what you’re getting into. On the other hand, if somebody was dishonest to you and purposefully didn’t tell you something, then that is on the person, not the company. Network marketing is not perfect, but always remember to make sure you put the blame where it deserves, from what I see, its the man that should apologize to you. Don’t blame the company for what one person did. Its simply the honest thing to do. Thanks for stopping by and giving your opinion.


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