Before we get to talking about YouTube, I’m curious if this has ever happened to you before:

You pour your heart into a social media post (especially on Facebook) only to have CRICKETS upon receipt.

You start to wonder if you missed the boat on organic social media.

And then you start to wonder: is this the ‘pay to play' with expensive advertising the only way now???

Sometimes you’re tempted to just give up on marketing. (okay, most of the time)

But you have a message that NEEDS to get out there. You KNOW your products and sales need to be seen and purchased. I mean it’s just getting SO hard right now on most social media platforms, right?!

Does this sound familiar?

Heck, I’m a social media strategist, and it was getting hard for me!

But what if I told there’s another option too:

    • Build a following
    • Be positioned as the ‘go-to expert’
    • Build your viewership, email list, and sales
    • Replace hours and hours of marketing and content creation time down to just 90 minutes per week
    • And TRULY be on autopilot


    • Posting more on social media
    • Spending thousands of dollars on advertising
    • Hiring a content creation team
    • Spending hours engaging (triggered!)

Would you be interested? For me, it was a no-brainer. YES!!!

And what's cool is this opportunity is a platform that is still reliable for ANY business.

This AMAZING opportunity is YouTube.

But I  know what you’re thinking:

“There’s no way for me to monetize on YouTube.”
“My audience isn’t on YouTube.”
“That platform is a saturated market.”

Okay. All valid. I totally said those very things when I first started to think about how I'm going to generate leads and sales using YouTube.


First, it's not a saturated market because there's only ONE of you. You are what can make YouTube so unique!

So how does one generate leads on YouTube? It's about following some simple principles.

Before I share my story, watch this video where I share some of the key principles on how to generate leads on YouTube:


Here’s how I discovered the importance of putting myself on this SEO-rich platform…

About 3 years ago, I was really focused on leveraging FB Lives as a part of my marketing strategy to gain my following, generate more leads, and even make some sales.

Because everything else was not working as much as I wanted them to.

Here's what I mean. When I started, I was getting around 20 people to join me Live. Nice. Okay. Let's keep this going.

Eventually, that number grew to almost 100 on each Live! Okay, cool! Not so bad, right? Right!

So it worked! I was generating leads and even made a $150 sale on a 7-minute FB Live stream.

HOWEVER… here's the problem. In order for me to keep that up, I had to keep going Live.

And at that time, I was full-time RVing where sometimes I was on route to my next adventure to the other side of the coast and not able to go Live!

Meaning, in that travel time, I wasn't able to generate leads or sales unless I was Live!

Not only that, things move so fast on Facebook that anything that gets posted gets lost and forgotten about within a half day or less. (feels like minutes most days.)

And the only way to “revive” the post to get more engagement, I'd have to spend MORE time on the computer commenting and engagement on my Live so it can get more eyeballs.

It was tiresome, frustrating, and annoying!!

I needed something that will last forever and can work for me 24/7!

Enter in: YouTube.

Now I can create the same 7-minute video, upload it to YouTube, add some SEO-richness, and let it go to work for me 24/7.

And guess what?

I don't have to keep going Live on Facebook. Forget that daily stuff and BEGGING for people's attention!!

I much rather create something that people are already SEARCHING for RIGHT NOW and let them find ME!

*awkward dramatic stare*

Because seriously…

When has anyone EVAH used the social media search bar to ask a question about something? We don't.

We use the social media search bar to search people, not information.

And THAT, my friend, is the power of being on an SEO-rich platform like YouTube.

Today, I'm STILL generating leads every day from a 4 minute, 22-second video I uploaded 4 months ago with 41K views, 1K likes, and 235 comments. Not to mention 426+ new subscribers in the last 28 days (according to my stats here on my YouberTuber app)

(just so you know, I've been waiting to type in “YouberTuber” this whole time. But you know. SEO and stuff.)

Yeah. I love automation. Because then I get to do more stuff away from the computer and off my phone and still be able to build my business.

Oh and btw, I still love doing FB Lives but I like to repurpose that content by downloading the video, edit it to make it short and to the point, and upload it to my YouTube Channel.

🤜💥🤛 Easy peas

You're awesome,

Kati Stage

PS: Be sure to connect with me on social media. Facebook - YouTube

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