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“Thank you so much Mark for all of your help. Folks, if you have ever thought of getting a coach, we HIGHLY recommend Mark! He has helped us multiple our income several times over... adding multiple 6-figures a year from his coaching!”

Todd & Leah Rae Getts

7-Figure Online Marketers


Q: Is Mark Harbert on the Coaching Calls?

Absolutely! You will be learning and getting feedback directly from Mark Harbert in this program. I don’t delegate my coaching to hired assistants who’ve never built a successful business themselves (like other trainers do). Much of the coaching is also supplemented with the extensive training library I have created over the years to help you in between our calls.

Q: Is this program a "Done-4-You" service?

My coaching is a program that comes with my legacy marketing curriculum as well as the personal development series. It also comes with many done-for-you templates for your funnels, email sequences, and other resources. These resources will certainly save you a ton of time and effort.

With that being said, this is NOT a done-for-you program. Here is why. I strongly believe from over 14+ years of online marketing experience that in order to create a successful business, YOU need to be the one who knows how everything is set up and run. Once you know WHAT needs to be done, you can then outsource parts of your business to assistants and VA’s to actually DO it for you.

That’s why this is NOT a “done-for-you” service or agency that you become dependent upon for your success, but rather, it’s a coaching program that teaches you how create your own successful business yourself so that you can continue to thrive and grow even after your coaching with me has ended.

Q: How long will it take to get results?

Truth be told, that is entirely up to you. You get immediate access to all of the training courses, resources and coaching, so you can go as fast or as slow as you want. I’ve had clients who took action and got to work immediately were able to generate $20k - $30k (or more) in their first month. Others who had more work to do, or who didn’t take action immediately obviously took longer to see their results. The great thing is with the weekly Zoom roundtable calls you will get the help you need to keep you on track and progressing forward.

Q: Do you guarantee results?

If you fully implement the personalized action plan I will lay out for you during the 4 personalized coaching calls we do and attend our weekly roundtable calls, I guarantee that you will double your investment back. If you don’t hit that revenue goal, i’ll give you 12 additional months free access to The Legacy Inner Circle for FREE or until you double your investment. Thats how confident I am in this process.

Q: How long do I get access to the group coaching?

You get 12 months of access to The Legacy Inner Circle and unlimited access to all of the other resources in the program for as long as my company is in business (By the way, I don't plan on going ). If you’ve fully implemented the customized action plan we create together and you don’t hit at double your investment in sales by the end of your 12th month, you’ll get free access to the inner circle coaching program (up to an additional 12 months) until you do.

Q: Does Mark actually look at, critique, and review my webinars, funnels and ads?

Yes – absolutely. Our weekly Zoom coaching calls are real roundtable coaching calls. Our coaching calls are done through Zoom meetings, so when we need to, we can pull you into the meeting, share screens, and go through everything you’re doing and give you specific feedback on what to change to get better results. The cool thing is you also get to hear me coaching others and learn from what they are doing. It's really a win-win set up.

Q: Do you teach organic or paid strategies?

My program is focused on the Trifecta Framework. So we do both. However, in the beginning we focus on paid traffic strategies because that’s where you’ll be able to get the fastest, biggest results. However, I also teach you many organic traffic strategies for those of you who prefer to sell your offers that way. This helps you in both the long term and short term.

Q: Can my spouse, business partner, or assistant access the coaching?

Any of your business partners or staff are welcome to join you on the zoom coaching calls as long as you are in attendance as well. This includes your spouse (if you have one of You are also free to share your login information to our members area with your business partner or staff. The Skype chat Group, however, is limited to just you and your business partner.

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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated anywhere in this presentation are individual sales figures and marketing results. Please understand that sales figures are not typical, and we are not implying that you will duplicate them. We have the benefit of doing digital marketing for 12+ years, and have an established following as a result. The average person who simply purchases any “how-to” program may not follow through on what they are being taught and because of that we cannot guarantee any specific result. 

We are using these references for example purposes only. Sales figures will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, this is not for you.