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IT'S POSSIBLE! Even If You're A Complete Newbie With Zero Online Marketing Experience...

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Explode YOUR Lead Flow & Build YOUR List Like A Seasoned Pro With My...

A 4-Module Curriculum On RAPID LEAD GENERATION Designed

Here's What You Get Inside List Building Bootcamp:

MODULE 1: Crafting YOUR OFFER Like a BOSS!

In this training module I will lay the foundation for you on lead generation. I am also going to REVEAL to you some of the the things most people wont train you on because they think it would be over your head. I say different, because really, its ESSENTIAL TO ONLINE SUCCESS!

In this module you will learn...

  • The #1 reason most people are not getting the results they desire when it comes to lead generation and how you can correct this IMMEDIATELY...
  • How to craft and position your offer or opportunity no matter what you're your promoting so that prospects have almost no choice but opt in and become a lead...
  • My SIMPLE 3 step formula for creating the most attractive lead magnet that not only provides value to your prospect, but leaves them wanting more and leading them right to YOU!

MODULE 2: Tools of The Trade For "Guru-like" Automation

When generating leads online, there are certain tools you need to have to make it happen. Like a carpenter needs his tools, you need them also for building your list.

In this module I will show you... 
  • The #1 tool you must have if you want to be successful building a list online...
  • I will reveal my secret weapon for building out capture pages that convert at ridiculous rates. Some upwards of 70%+ and most importantly how you can get the same results...
  • How to set up a sales funnel that will make an eskimo buy ice from you like there is a shortage!

MODULE 3: Video Traffic Domination

Hands down one of the best ways to get traffic is by using video. There are 2 strategies that we will cover in this module that will show you how to leverage two of the biggest sites on the internet today, YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK.

Here is what you are going to learn....

  • How to create simple, short and engaging videos that you can rank on Google super quick for INSTANT traffic, leads, and sales like a true online rockstar...
  • One of my simple, easy, and SUPER EFFECTIVE ways to use Facebook videos that is sure to attract to you highly qualified and interested prospects like you've never experienced before...
  • How to use the power of video to get the highest quality leads possible that are proven to already know you, like you, and trust you. These are the highest quality leads online....PERIOD!

MODULE 4: Paid Traffic Mojo

Without question the fastest way to get leads is paid traffic strategies. Imagine, putting up an ad and getting leads by the end of the day. Its possible with paid marketing.

In this module I will show you....

  • How to use PPV (Pay Per View) traffic to get traffic for as little as 1.5 cents per visitor...
  • How to leverage Facebook PPC ads to bring in tons of super targeted traffic that is sure to convert ever single time when you do it the way I teach you...
  • My tools for creating ridiculously easy to make ad images that magnetically attract people to click on your ad like clockwork each and every time.


Don't just take my word for it, I recently finished a LIVE course called "BLOGGING ACADEMY" and my students loved it. There were over 110 students, and you can see some of their reactions on the last session.

Ray Tarle

"In List Building Boot Camp, Mark Harbert, breaks down complex strategies by taking you step by step so you understand how not only to build your list but how convert your list into a cash flow machine!"

Ray Tarle, Internet Network Marketer
Scott Lindstrom

"Mark you really put the s in "simple" I appreciate the very clear and concise information... I enjoyed it, and look forward to the next one!"

Scott Lindstrom, Internet Network Marketer
Billee Brady

"Module one was awesome, you don't see a lot of people pointing out the very first part to generating leads is having a great lead magnet and matching that with the right traffic, I also liked how you shared that the lead magnet should be designed to pre-frame people for your offer, ...GOLD!"

Billee Brady, Internet Network Marketer

Regular Price $197

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This Special Bonus Will Help Kick Start YOUR Progress!

BONUS #1: Facebook Accountability & Support Group

Get access to the "List Building Bootcamp" official Facebook group to connect with other students and get support for on you list building journey.

Inside this PRIVATE  group you will be able too...

  • Get support when you need it by connecting with other students in the course as well as myself.
  • Forge partnerships and relationships with other active marketers that are moving in the same direction as you. Can you say POWERFUL?
  • Accountability. Did you know, that most people don't succeed because they have nobody holding them accountable? Our thriving Facebook group will help you stay accountable to making 2015 the best yet.

BONUS #2: PPV Power Traffic Course

Get access to the "PPV Power Course". This is a course that I was able to secure the rights to and will show you from start to finish how to set up and run successful PPV traffic campaigns on Lead Impact.

In this mini traffic course you will learn...

  • How to set up your lead impact account in a way that all but ensures you get leads right out of the gate...
  • How to find the best URLS that have traffic saving you hoards of time and effort in the wrong places....
  • Additional tools that can help you find the best keywords that are sure to get you traffic for as little as .015 each. Yes that just over a penny per visitor.... POWERFUL!!!
  • Much more...


MODULE 1: Crafting YOUR OFFER Like a BOSS!

MODULE 2: Tools of The Trade For "Guru-like" Automation

MODULE 3: Video Marketing Traffic Domination

MODULE 4: Paid Traffic Mojo

BONUS #1: Facebook Accountability & Support Group

BONUS #2: PPV Power Traffic Course

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$397 Value

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$397 Value

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List Building Bootcamp


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