I was born and raised in Southeast Michigan in a small town named Clarkston.

As soon as I graduated high school I entered the US Navy where I served on a Navy ship called the USS Aubrey Fitch. That was one of the coolest experiences for me to serve our country.

Here is a cool picture of the ship I was on during my short stint in the Navy.


I was first introduced in the year 2000 to network marketing when I met with a gentleman at a Denny's restaurant for a sit-down presentation. Not only was my excitement level through the roof, it was then that I got the freedom bug.

Since that very moment, I have always had a passion for the industry and the freedom one can attain if they put their head down and go to work.

Because I was able to see the vision that day,  life for me over the past few years has been a dream come true. I have connected with people and individuals that have had a massive positive influence in my life, family, social influence and business.

I have since gone on to become a multiple 6-figure earner annually and taught thousands how to leverage the power of online video to boost traffic, leads, and sales.

I have won several marketing awards and walked the stage at many events.

I have also spoken in front of 1000's of people training and teaching the strategies that have helped me build my online empire.

The cool thing was, I built my business living in Concepcion, Chile for 4 years. I just recently moved back to the USA (February 2014) with my family to build my business further and attend more events.

I have a wonderful family. My wife Juany is my best friend. I have an awesome 10-year-old daughter named Nicole.

We are currently residing just outside of Tampa, Florida.

I work my business full-time which allows me to spend as much time with my family as I want. I get to go where I want, help whoever I want, and make a difference.

let me know what I can do to help you get to where you want to go!


My Personal Vision Statement

I Mark Harbert, walk forward with a clear vision: To reflect and manifest the goodness of God in all categories of my life.

My ultimate goal is to be a living example and a facilitator of life’s true freedoms by living abundantly spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially.

Keeping God first is my number one priority. I will strive to raise a happy and healthy family with my wife and daughter, I will work heartily unto the Lord in my business by conducting myself with strong ethical standards and honor.

I will continually strive and focus on helping others to achieve their goals and dreams. I will give back to my community true value with thankfulness.

I will always be a lifetime learner of God’s Word, and will strive to continually develop into a person of character and Godliness. I will be an outstanding citizen in my local community; I will grow inwardly and outwardly as a servant leader because true joy comes in service to others.

Overall I seek to bring glory and honor to the one true God and father of my Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed me and given me a life I could have never dreamed of on my own.

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  • you know mark, you have a golden heart . you are truly good person and a lot of people loves you. helping someone in need who genuinely wants to be helped, and you have the capability to help them. that’s a great idea ever. do more for others than you do for yourself. i really appreciate your kindness keep it up good job….

  • Marina Umana

    Reply Reply 04/11/2012

    I really want to know how to get started with this business and get some more information also.

    • Mark Harbert

      Reply Reply 04/11/2012

      Sure Marina, connect with me on Skype and we can chat. Head over to the contact page here and shoot me a message with your information and we can chat a bit. Have a great one!

      Mark Harbert

  • Irine Tanjong

    Reply Reply 04/21/2012

    Hi Mr Mark,I joined zeekrewards about a week ago and i had an urge to join.I am so glad we have some one like you(Christ follwer) as an interpreneur.I read through your vision and i’m so glad with your vision.
    I really wish to ask some questions on how i can succeed as a zeek reward affiliate.
    May God continue to bless you and your family and use you mightily for His glory.

    • Mark Harbert

      Reply Reply 04/26/2012

      Irine, thank you so much for the kind comments, I really appreciate it! Anytime you want to chat please feel free to call me. My number is on the contact page of my site. Would love help you where I can. Thanks so much.

      Mark Harbert

  • Mark, thanks so much for the help you gave me with the wp plugin for my site. It has helped enormously. It’s great to know that there are REAL people out there who genuinely care about the success of others as much as they care about their own. Being able to connect with you has shown that you are so much more than just another internet “guru” that can shmooze people into buying their junk. You truly train and coach and don’t leave people hanging after they make the decision to work with you. You have helped me enormously in my quest to generate leads online and I have already learned to pay your generosity forward. All the best to you!

  • April Counts

    Reply Reply 07/05/2012

    Thank you for your testimony and your helpful information. I recently heard about Zeekler and am looking into joining this opportunity. Your website came up in a google search, and your information has been helpful to me. Someone who puts forward their Christian viewpoint is important to me in making this decision.

  • Victor Ordu

    Reply Reply 08/13/2012

    I’ll be honest. I was initially attracted to your site via Twitter (I think!) ‘cos you mentioned something about Christian ethic in network marketing. However I’ve never bought into online lead generation. Furthermore your emails kept coming and at a point I think I unsubscribed (I like keeping a lean inbox).

    However, reading your vision statement has touched me to the core – your heartbeat is palpable! I’m glad to have found your site and hopefully will be able to learn a thing or two from you.

    Stay blessed?


  • Mark, I absolutely love your spirit. I was very moved by your mission statement. I am in one accord with you Brother!
    Blessed Be The Name Of The LORD!

  • Sandy Foreman

    Reply Reply 07/11/2013

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the webinar, I enjoyed listening to you. Would you please email me the 7 free
    video’s on Attraction marketing.
    Thank you so much.

  • Greetings Mark,

    I was just browsing look at the MLSP Leaders websites. Learning from the you all. I read your mission statement. Your mission statement is great. The best is yet to come for you and your family. Keep up the good work. HE takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servant, HE will bless you more, and more, and more; you and your children.

    • Mark Harbert

      Reply Reply 08/13/2013

      Thank you buddy, I appreciate that big time. Thanks for stopping by my friend. 🙂

  • Alice O'Dwyer

    Reply Reply 08/20/2013

    Hi Mark, I admire the Christian works you are doing in Chile. There is such a need for such works all over our world. I share a common interest in network marketing as well as in Christian ministry. I would like to share a busisness opportunity with you if you are open minded to such. If so please contact me at the e-mail I have provided Alice

  • Hi Mark,

    I’ve listened to you so many times on the wake up calls. I never knew why you were living in Chile. You have a great story and now I have my answer. Well done …

    We do it all for His glory!

    • Mark Harbert

      Reply Reply 10/23/2013

      Hi Richard, thanks for commenting bud. I love Chile, but I am moving back to the states soon. Really looking forward to being close to my family again. Appreciate your comment bud.

  • Hello Hello Mark,

    I came across your site and absolutely love your approach to the industry. The training and other content you publish across the web is both inspiring and educational especially with what you shared on your ‘ toolbox ‘ they are very helpful indeed. I have a podcast where I share the stories and insight of leaders throughout the multi-level marketing industry and I’d love you to be a guest. Your insights are directly in line with the methods that not only breed success but a better industry. Would you be interested?

    We have just recently gotten started and have more than 2,000 subscribers listening. We have had the opportunity to feature other amazing people like Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Diane Hochman, and Neil Patel. It is our mission to help others succeed by centralizing the industry on common ground while promoting the people and the tools who will guide them.

    It’s all done via a Skype video call and will last 60 minutes.

    Please let me know if you would be interested!

    With kindest regards,

  • Brandy Adams Schroeder

    Reply Reply 01/15/2014

    Have you heard of Life Vantage; protandim, true science, and canine health. If so, can you provide any feedback? Thank you

  • Kary Youman

    Reply Reply 04/15/2014

    you rock Mark. Thank you for being you my friend. I'll see you at the top!

  • you rock mark thnx u my friens

  • Because of who you are, we have hope, we
    want to be the best we can be and you make the
    industry a better place. Thank you for your
    choices in life you have chosen to take.

  • Mark Harbert

    Reply Reply 04/21/2014

    Thanks Kary, you're awesome man.

  • Mark Harbert

    Reply Reply 04/21/2014

    Thank you so much Droctorali, you rock too

  • Mark Harbert

    Reply Reply 04/21/2014

    Thank you so much Susan, I so appreciate your comments. so awesome

  • Bill Miles

    Reply Reply 04/24/2014

    Greetings Mark !!! Thank you for all the great motivation and the Video is great! also!!!
    Sincerely! Bill Miles! P.S. "What so ever a PERSON will conceive THEY will achieve! $$$

  • Thurston Greene Hi Mark just want to say wow!!! What an amazing story as well as testimonials. I've seen lots of testimonials,but they seemed fake not your followers though, I could tell that they were genuine and sincere.you are truly blessed my friend. Mark to be honest with you I've been trying to make money online with different systems and they were either too complicated or had no support what I know that I need is a mentor,someone of integrity and honor,but most of all who loves the Lord,someone who cares about others succes. We are not that different at all you see Mark I help people everyday from all walks of life, and truly love doing it, the problem is that I would like to do more as well as have more freedom to do so.Please feel free to Email me any time and let me know if you can lead me in the right direction.Thanks and may peace be upon you and I hope that the creator award you with paradise.

  • Curtis McCoy

    Reply Reply 06/01/2014

    Hi Mark, God put things in your way to help you improve your self and perhaps you are the answer to my prayers, your vision statement is awesome and with the testimonials it appears it represent you well.

  • Mark Harbert

    Reply Reply 07/16/2014

    Thanks so much Curtis. Great to connect with you my friend.

  • Mark Harbert

    Reply Reply 07/16/2014

    Thanks Bill, you are awesome!

  • Mark Harbert

    Reply Reply 07/16/2014

    Don't know anything about them Brandy sorry.

  • Hello Mark that is one of the most powerul vision statements that I have personally read.I also want to commend you for not trying to hide or make excuses for your faith in God.As a brother in Christ I look forward to learning from you and being as blessing to as many as possible.Duane

  • Hey Mark! Great story. I"m just now seeing that you are from southeast Michigan also! Me too, born & raised here. Still, here..lol I know where clarkston is , mainly because DTE energy music theatre is close. I grew up in Warren mi. I'm now near Romeo. So cool, I think you are an amazing leader Mark, thank you for all you put into this industry!

  • Mark Harbert

    Reply Reply 02/05/2015

    Thank you Jessica, you rock. Your words are totally motivating. Thanks so much.

  • Mark Harbert

    Reply Reply 02/05/2015

    yes, my faith in God is a huge part of my life. Very active in my Church and always looking for ways to serve. I am very proud and very blessed to share what has given me purpose in my life. Thanks for the awesome comment Dan.

  • Hi Mark just wanted to let you know I live in Wildwood about 75 miles on 75 N and we have a daughter and two grandsons that live in Tampa that we visit quite often.blessings

  • Awesome Christian love to know that bout you. From Michigan myself and in Punta gorda til April. Look forward to working with you.

  • Grace John

    Reply Reply 06/10/2015

    Mark your affirmation brought tears to my eyes! God bless putting Him first. Great story great affirmation!!! Connecting with you, I know I'm on my way to a successful life!

  • Angela Harris

    Reply Reply 11/08/2015

    Mark, I love your statement. So True. Put God first in everything you do and HE will direct your paths. Congradulations and continued success!

  • Mark is such a great teacher and support in building an online business. He breaks down the complex into simple doable steps so you don't feel overwhelmed. I am so blessed to have Mark by a mentor and coach in my markeitng journey.

  • Karen Holland

    Reply Reply 05/01/2016

    Love your personal vision statement – such an inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  • Gord Merrick

    Reply Reply 05/31/2016

    Hi Mark.

    I came across you being interviewed on Elite Marketing and your commentary piqued my interest in video marketing. I used to do financial services seminars to produce leads. I specialized in doctors and dentists who are always surrounded by gatekeepers or with a patient I called it reverse prospecting since after the seminar those interested indicated so on a seminar evaluation sheet and I simply followed up. I see this as much the same only now using technology and the internet to expand reach

  • Sarah Espinoza

    Reply Reply 04/13/2017

    God Bless You Mark,

    i love your about you section and especially your mission statement. it’s important for me to work with someone of integrity and not afraid to talk about how much God means to them in their lives. it seems so taboo today in network marketing. (although the greats in past times sure did!) i look forward to working with you in the future and i wanted to get your webinar product a while back. i still want to soon! thank you for being you! Dios le bendiga!

    Sarah Espinoza
    (USA now in Mexico)

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