You are here for one of two reasons, you are a current distributor looking for information on Nerium International to help you build your business, or you are looking at this business for the first time, and want to get some additional information to help you in your decision.

Either way, you will find this article to be informative and enlightening at the same time. The important part is that you are searching and doing your due diligence and that is something not everybody does, so congratulations.

So lets dig in….

The Company Nerium International

With the simple vision of making peoples lives better, the company Nerium International has been successful in transforming their customers not only into youthful and beautiful people, but also into successful and financially capable individuals as well.

Through the genuine scientifically based product of the company and through the business opportunity they offer their customers, both personal and professional development is likely to happen. The company was founded by the Olson family consisting of Jeff, Renee and their daughter Amber.

I can personally speak for the credibility of Jeff Olson as I was involved in Prepaid Legal (Now, Legal Shield) when he was with the company, and he is a genius when it comes to building network marketing organizations.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff once at an event in Southern California and saw that he was genuine individual with a drive to succeed. Not only are his philosophies on personal development great, but he is a genuine person and very savvy businessman as well.

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Nerium Skin Care and Its Products

Nerium International promotes the line of skincare products NeriumAD by Nerium Skin Care. This line of skincare products utilizes the benefits of the plant Nerium oleander. During a research study conducted on the uses of the plant, scientists accidentally discovered how the plant can actually be a very effective ingredient in age defying skin care products.

From this discovery is where the NeriumAD was created and developed. The extraction of the substance from the Nerium oleander plant, called NAE-8 extract is used as an actual ingredient in the creams. This process is called NBio-PL2. This breakthrough method of extraction was developed by scientists in the US, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, and Latin America.

Compared with thousands and thousands of skin care products in the market nowadays, NeriumAD offers a unique and exclusive skin care product for its customers. Research about the product is ongoing and the products continue to be developed to keep the skin healthier and look more youthful. The skin care line includes NeriumAD eye crams, age spot creams, blemish creams, and contouring lotions.

Nerium International – The Compensation Plan

Nerium International offers a great business opportunity for individuals who are interested in joining the family. Yes, the company calls their distributors a family simply because the company believes that a family that works together stays together.

The company doesn't leave a single member alone in the business, but instead they help each other to be successful. Brand partners as the company likes to call them, will be given the following for their business:

  • Products exclusively for sale
  • Excellent marketing system and strategies
  • Profitable compensation
  • Tools and training seminars
  • Strong and helpful working community
  • Rewards, acknowledgements, and recognitions

Nerium InternationalThe products are created from the Biotech Research institution of Nerium International and is then developed further and packed by Nerium Skin Care. Nerium Skin Care delivers its products to Nerium International from where Brand Partners will get their share of products to sell to consumers at profitable prices. Profits are paid to brand partners and then to help the funding of Nerium’s Biotech Research.

This joint venture between Nerium International and Nerium Skin Care enables the Brand Partners a greater money-making opportunity though the sale of exclusive and revolutionary skin care products. Thirty percent of Nerium International’s profit will be given back to Nerium Skin Care to help with the accumulation of funds needed for ongoing scientific research on the products.

Successfully Marketing The Nerium Opportunity

You can see that this company is solid and has a great leadership team backing it with great infrastructure. It's hard to argue when a great company comes together like this and puts a great product together with a family atmosphere.

Regardless of the fact that Nerium International is a good company, most will still continue to struggle with this opportunity because they have failed to develop the essential skill of lead generation. The majority of individuals fail in this industry because they lack the ability to put enough numbers through the pipeline.

Lead generation is so essential that literally your business will succeed or die based on this skill alone. Leads are the lifeblood of your business….end of story.

With this essential skill being of utmost importance your attention needs to be focused on how you can use tools like the internet to reach a global audience seeing that Nerium International is a worldwide opportunity.

So what is the best way to learn the skill of generating your own exclusive leads?

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    6 replies to "Does Nerium International Live Up To The Claims? You Decide"

    • m solera

      I just purchased the Nerium AD cream, and was told to get 3 people to buy then I would get my next one free,

      The method of selling is what I am confused about, is this a “pyramid scheme”?
      I am very leary of this method of selling a product.
      If this product is so great, why keep it from the public?
      Why not put it out where everyone can buy it?

      • Mark Harbert

        Hi M Solera,

        I think you need to understand the concept of Network marketing before labeling Nerium an illegal scheme. Nerium international is not a “Pyramid Scheme” and network marketing is very different and very legitimate. I suggest you do your research on the industry and go on the internet and find a presentation called “Brilliant Compensation”. If you have an open mind I believe the presentation will be very enlightening for on how great this industry really is. Network marketing is actually one of the most ethical business models on the planet, more so than the typical corporation which most work for in my opinion. That’s my suggestion for you my friend.

        Mark Harbert

    • Margo Harrington

      I have been using Nerium for awhile with great results. My face is so much clearer and I really love what it has done for my self confidence. excellent product!

    • YES, it does, a friend who hadn't seen me in several weeks commented last night that she can see a marked difference in my face and she was very pleased for me.

    • Therese Louise Carpenter

      how many years of testing did the company do with the Oleander Plant–specifically for facial products. I know the testing done with cancer treatment failed and were turned down by the FDA

    • Laura Todd

      This company is a complete scam. Just another Multi level marketing company. I did try their skin cream as did my sister and neither of us saw any change in 6 weeks. It's just an Overpriced skin cream

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