If the thought of selling makes you cringe a bit, then it might be time to do some soul searching.

To re-figure your goals. Because here's the truth. If you're trying to build a home business, and you have negative feelings toward selling… you aren't going to build a very big home biz. If any at all.

Sure, selling has gotten a bad reputation. We all think of the high pressure used car salesman, or the dude who follows you around the mattress store when you're just friggin' trying to look (and maybe nap 😉

But the good news is that selling doesn't have to be sleazy.

It doesn't have to make your prospects uncomfortable. In fact…when done RIGHT… selling is supposed to actually make your prospects like and trust you more! To see YOU as the leader who's confident and worth following.

The doing it right part (but with confidence so you close the darn sale) is where most people mess up.

You're Actually Already Selling All the Time…

Ever try to convince your spouse to watch a show or movie that YOU want to watch, instead of what they want to watch. That's not easy.

Ever try to get your kids to eat something they don't want to eat? That's a tough sell right there.

So selling isn't something as foreign to you as you might think. The whole asking for money at the end part probably is though. But most people don't just pull out their credit card and give you money without good reason to do so.

So want some tips that will help you sell more, and have your new customers leave actually liking and trusting you MORE?

3 Quick Tips to Quickly Become Better and More Confident When It Comes to Selling

What's In It for them?

If you're thinking about how much you can get from a prospect you're selling to, it's not going to be very easy to gain their confidence, and have them trust you.

They smell that desperation on you a mile away!

However, if you truly care about how your product, service or opportunity can help THEM, it changes the game. You become a consultant and not a salesperson. And the best way to know is to ask them questions and find out exactly what they need.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits!

Your prospects really don't care too much about how many parts your drill has or where those parts were made, they just want to know if it'll help them make a darn hole.

Most people talk themselves out of a sale by listing every feature the product has. How many ingredients. Where the ingredients were sourced in the depths of the Amazon. Blah blah blah.

What's the end result? How will your product solve their problem? Do they need to lose weight? How much, how fast, and how hard will it be?

Do they need to make more money? How much, how fast, and how hard will it be? Seeing a pattern here?

Don't Sell from the Heels!

Asking for the sale is the hardest part for almost everyone. But again, in case you haven't noticed, people rarely just hand you money.

The truth is once you've done all the above, answered what's in it for them, and what benefit they'll get from what you have, asking for the sale should be the next natural step. Hint: They know it's coming anyway.

To add a few other points to this post, I made a video for you. Check it out…

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You rock,

Mark Harbert

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    3 replies to "Why Selling Is The #1 Skill You Will Learn for YOUR Biz (and how to do it better!)"

    • Carl Davies

      This is a really simple mind shift to think about. Love this!

    • julie

      takes time to earn a prospects trust. take that time. “people dont care how much you know until they know how much you care.” find their needs and fill them. good blog. thanks for sharing.

    • Jaye Carden

      I agree with what you are saying Mark. I like being in sales, and I enjoy talking to strangers and new prospects on the phone as well. The reward of getting to increase my team with a new person, is a great feeling. So it’s worth it to me. Also, having the positive look towards what I do, what I sell, and what my profession is, makes it more enjoyable to do. Great post, and very important message delivered!

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