– It's so important that we get this right and not forget what makes network marketing work. To many forget the successful aspects that have made network marketing successful over the years. It's a healthy blend of face to face and technology.

    4 replies to "Social Media Marketing The Right Way"

    • Jordan Schultz


      Great tips man… what a novel concept to actually connect with people and network on the social networks. I’m guilty as they come as I used to want to sit behind my computer and not ever have to communicate with people. That was long ago.

      Great tips.

      Jordan Schultz

      • Mark Harbert


        Thanks for stopping by buddy. I think this is a message that needs to keep being preached to all that want to build their business using the internet. Thanks again Jordan!


    • Ryan Biddulph

      Powerful tips Mark. Social media is meant to be a connecting medium; definitely can’t hide behind your keyboard. I learned this lesson the hard way.

      Thanks for sharing and have a powerful day!


      • Mark Harbert


        Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comments. 🙂


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