Lead generation is a super important part to making your business work online. Without it, its going to be very hard to really make sales on a regular basis.

The biggest areas that I see for people that cause the most struggle to actually building an email list are in three major areas.

I will explain each one of them so you that you know where to put your focus in the future.

Key #1: Understanding Your Prospects “Pain Points”

This is really the foundation to being effective at making sales and that is narrowing in on the problems of your market.

We like to call them pain points because its the biggest pains that your prospects have and addressing it in your marketing.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you have a pain in your shoulder and you are looking for relief. Pain is usually very annoying and can sometimes drive you bonkers.

You desperately search to find the pain reliever so you can get some sanity.

This is the same concept you want to use when looking to generate leads with prospects, find their pain points and be very clear what they are for your particular market.

When you find them and can speak directly to them, you have a winning combination.

Key #2: Positioning

This is one of those areas where many people miss it when it comes to marketing online. It's the art of positioning.

Positioning is simply the art of making your solution look super appealing to your prospects and providing the solution to their pain points.

One of the best ways to do this is with “How To” type headlines and really simplifying the message.

Many marketers make a big mistake and tend to get way to technical with their audience. This mistake will scare away many people.

Your ability to be successful online is your ability to take the complex and make it easy to take in and understand.

Essentially where your prospects say “yeah, I can do that too”

Learn to master positioning and you will be on the right track.

Key #3: Having A Compelling Offer

This is where the magic happens. Your offer is essentially the solution to the pain point you have discovered.

As simple as it sounds, once you have determined your market's pain points, you just simply give them the solution to that problem.

When you have the solution, they will be more than willing to give you their contact information, and boom, you have a lead.

When creating your compelling offer, do not try to solve every problem they have. No. As a matter of fact, solving too many problems at once can be overwhelming your prospects so keep it simple.

Put your offers focus on solving just one major issue they face. This is more than enough to compel them to move on to what you have.

I just did training today for my Facebook audience today that goes a little more in-depth on these concepts that I believe will help you big time understand it even more.

Enjoy the video and if you get value feel free to leave a comment below and share it with your friends.

You rock,

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