July 14th 2022 @ 9PM Eastern

The Video Content Accelerator Formula

A Simple Step-By-Step Blueprint For Creating 30+ Pieces of Content In Less Than One Hour Per Week For More Leads, Sales, and Signups!

Web Class: Thursday, July 14th
@ 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific

Mark Harbert
Your Host & Trainer

The Web Class Has Started!

What You'll Discover...

How to take your existing videos and syndicate them all over social media for mass exposure AUTOMATICALLY... (It's so much easier than you think)
Be EVERYWHERE your prospects are without spending massive amounts of time or having to hire a social media manager...
A simple push-button solution to re-purpose your content directly from social media so you can spread it far and wide! (without extra work)
How to create "pillar" content that brings in long-term traffic, leads, and sales.
How to finally compete with the top marketers online who have massive teams of people and spend millions to do what you can do for pennies...
Plus tons more stuffed into this jam-packed Web Class!

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