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Watch as Staci Hall and Nicole Domuret walk you through each step, revealing the ninja nuances that make the difference between being stuck in the 200 view jail and blowing up like crazy!
Discover the #1 mistake people are making on social media that's making it really tough to grow and even tougher to sell. Staci and Nicole will show you how to avoid it and thrive!
Find out what Staci and Nicole say in the comments of their short videos that gets them into endless conversations that convert like wildfire! (HINT: It’s so powerful that they even make tons of sales on auto-pilot almost by accident.)
Learn the secret formula Staci and Nicole use to craft magnetic video intros that hook viewers instantly and keep them glued to the screen until the very end!
Uncover the proven strategies they use to turn casual scrollers into raving fans and loyal customers, boosting your engagement and sales like never before!

The "5-5-5 Plan"

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My simple plan to crush your fear of making videos in just 15 minutes! This is so easy to do you will wonder why you waited so long to do videos!

The 4-step Video Framework

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a proprietary framework that takes all the guesswork out of generating leads and sales. It's so duplicatable that anybody can do it, even newbies!

Endless Ideas Bank

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99% of Online Marketers don't know what to talk about in their videos. you will you never have that problem when i show you this trick!

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Mark Harbert started marketing online in late 2008 and has generated over 200,000+ leads online. He created an annual multiple 6-Figure Income as well as sold multiple millions of dollars of his own courses, affiliate products and coaching programs.

Mark is hyper-focused on helping online marketers implement video strategies and automated sales processes in their marketing so they can free themselves for the things that matter most in life.

Faith and Family are Mark's biggest achievements to date. However, the greatest legacy he is focused on leaving behind is that because of amazing grace, he once was lost but now he is found.


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