If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I love video marketing.

It has been the primary way I communicate my message online to the masses because it simply works each and every time I have ever put it into action.

Many years ago when I got started online in late 2008, I knew that video was going to be the dominate player in the years to come so I started to do it early.

Over the years I have realized a few simple things that people should understand when it comes to video that will help them in a huge way if they get it right.

Don't Try To Be Something You're Not!

To0 many people try to be something they are not when it comes to creating videos.

The reason I know this is because I was always trying to be something I wasn't when I got started. This caused me to not really have the impact I was looking for with my little audience at the time.

Many fall into the trap where as soon as the video comes on they think they need to be Mr. Salesman or Miss Saleswoman.

People love real. People love transparency. Be that person they want to follow.

Start Doing Facebook LIVE Videos For 30 Days Straight

This is an amazing way to jump start your business online. Facebook LIVE in my opinion is better than periscope because many people are on Facebook. Not everybody is Twitter.

Now, if you can do both at the same time, great, but if you have to choose one over the other, go with Facebook live.

Don't over think what to share, just get on and share what you are learning.

If you lack content Ideas, go here and watch my training on content creation ideas.

Speak To One Person When Doing Videos

When you do a video remember, its one person at a time that is watching. You are not speaking to a crowd of people.

While many people may actually watch your video, you want it to speak to just one person.

The reason is, when you share good content and you speak to just one person, they feel like you are talking to them directly.

This will take up your response rate in a dramatic way. When people feel you are speaking to their pain, and providing the solutions they are seeking, you are now the expert.

Here is a Facebook Live I did today where I talk even more about this.


Mark Harbert

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    • Carl Davies

      Hey Mark,

      Awesome tips you shared. I like how you went over “not trying to be something you are not”. Makes complete sense.. Thanks!

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