I get asked all the time by people how to make a video that will actually get me leads. This video answers that question.


    12 replies to "How To Structure Your Videos For Generating Leads"

    • Linda Bomba

      Thanks Mark. Can you do one sometime for sales conversions?

    • Mark Harbert

      Yeah, I actually did a webinar on this a few weeks back, I will be having that on my blog soon, so just keep an eye out.

    • Lisa Lewis

      I need all the help I can get and yes I wanted to give up but im hanging in there .I hope you can help me soon I really need the money fast. thanks Lisa lewis

    • Steven C. Krivda

      this is awesome Mark!

    • Mark Harbert

      Thanks Steve, you rock buddy!!!

    • Mark Harbert

      Lisa, lets talk, I got your email. You rock, thanks for reaching out.

    • Fran Wiggins

      Thanks Mark. Good info!

    • Susan Calhoun


    • Mark Harbert

      awesome, glad you liked it.

    • Mark Harbert

      You got it Fran, you rock.

    • Kary Youman

      great video mark. i appreciate what you do my friend.

    • Mark Harbert

      thanks buddy, you rock.

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