July 14th 2022 @ 9PM Eastern

The "TRIFECTA" Framework:

A Simple 3-Step System For Pulling in 5-20 'Ready-to-Buy' Email Leads Per Day

(Even If You’re Brand New and Don’t Have an Email List Now!)

Web Class: Thursday, May 19th
@ 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific

Mark Harbert
Your Host and Trainer

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What You'll Discover...

My proven system which takes all the guesswork out of what you should focus on each day to build your email list...
Why the power of even a small email list obliterates social media followers (even if you have millions!)
How the "Trifecta" Framework creates a hyper-engaged email list who anxiously buy everything you promote...
A simple yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE trick I have used that has skyrocketed my email engagement rates through the roof (Even better than social media!)
The secret formula top email marketers use to achieve sky high open and click-thru rates (hint: they only share these with their highest paying clients)
Plus tons more stuffed into this jam-packed Web Class!

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