The Secret of Power Earners Revealed

How Anyone (Even Newbies) With an Internet Connection Can Get a Flood of Sales & Sign-Ups In Less Than 1-Hour With My Simple 'Webinar Conversion Formula'...

(I'll Lay Out the Exact Step-by-Step Formula That Earned Me $44,037 With a Single Last Minute 1-Hour Webinar!)

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What You Get With The 'Webinar Conversion Formula'...

Module One: Getting Yourself Set-Up for a Killer Webinar!

In this training module I will lay the foundation for you on How To Dominate With Webinars. I am also going to REVEAL to you some of the the things most people wont train you on because they think it would be over your head. I say different, because really, its ESSENTIAL TO ONLINE SUCCESS!

In this module you will learn...

  • How to Create a Can't-Resist Webinar Title to pull in prospects like moths to a flame!...
  • Critical Pieces of a Perfect Webinar Registration Page to force them to click the 'Register Now' button!...
  • What MUST Be Included in Your Registration Follow-Up Campaign to guarantee max attendance...
  • The Best Webinar Platforms To Use... and the ones to avoid like the plague...
  • And Much More!

Module Two: Proven Promotion Strategies to Maximize Registrations and Ensure Attendance

When promoting your webinar you want to maximize attendence. On the other hand, actually getting people on your webinar is an entirely different thing. , there are certain strategies that can make it happen.

In this module I will show you...

  • How to Get Your Existing Subscribers to Register for your webinar (With just 1 click!)...
  • Proven Tactics to Pull in Last Minute Registrations right up to the minute before start time...
  • Why Your Existing Facebook Groups Are a Goldmine to increase registrations to your webinars.
  • Secrets to Super-Charge Your Registrations (With scary effective Facebook ads!)
  • The 3 Types of Facebook Ads that will work best to get more people to your webinars (steal these!)
  • And Much More!

Module 3: The Can't Fail Webinar Presentation & Closing Formula!

As part of doing an effective webinar, your presentation is critical. In this module I am going to share with you some of the secrets I have learned over the years that have put 100's of thousands of dollars in my bank account.

Here is what you are going to learn....

  • How to Create a Profitable Webinar Presentation (Even... if it's your first one ever!)...
  • The Exact Presentation That Closed 40% of Attendees with just one webinar alone. (Hint: I'm handing this right over for you to model!)...
  • Advanced Influence Principles that will keep your attendees hanging on your every word throughout your presentation...
  • Little-Known Urgency Strategies to get your attendees to take action on ANY OFFER right away!...
  • And Much More!

Module Four: The Sales Boosting Bonus Formula

Did you know that one of the best ways to get the buyer every time is to add on bonuses to your offer? Thats right. In this module I am going to show you exactly how make your offer so irresistible they have no choice but to buy.

In this module I will show you....

  • How to Use Bonuses Effectively To Boost Your Sales (And why almost everybody gets this dead wrong!)
  • Tricks to Create a Killer Bonus Package even if you don't think you have bonuses to giveaway!
  • How to Jolt the Still-On-The-Fence Attendees to Take Action on your offers!
  • The Bonus Hack Resources I Use Every Time – use my secret & handy resources that will allow you to tap into quick and easy ready-made bonus packages.
  • And Much More!

Module Five: The “After Webinar Promotion” Strategies of $6-Figure Earners!

After your webinar, what you do is just as important as preparing for the webinar itself. In this module you are going to see exactly how to get more leads and even more sales than you thought possible.

In this module I will show you....

  • 3 Ways to Get Even More Leads and Sales Long After the Live Webinar Is Over with the recorded replay (This is a huge but often ignored asset of webinars!)
  • How to Automate Your Webinar for Continuous Registrations, Leads, and Sales (Totally hands-off at this point!)
  • The Proven Follow-Up Tactics that keep fresh leads coming back to your webinars over and over again!
  • And Much More!

Module Six: The Hot-Seat Sessions (Learn from Others Mistakes!)

Want to know if you are doing the right thing with your webinar? In this session, we will be reviewing webinar registration pages, and over all marketing campaigns for webinars of the students of this course.

In this module I will show you....

  • In The Hot Seat: Watch as I critique my students Webinars in real time (You'll know how to make profitable changes for your future webinars!)
  • Get a firsthand look at how simple changes to your webinars can 10X your results!
  • See the tiny details that make huge differences in conversions & results (This will allow you to enjoy a huge advantage from this day forward!)
  • And Much More!

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BONUS #1: Facebook Accountability & Support Group

Get access to the "Webinar Conversion Formula" official Facebook group to connect with other students and get support for on you webinar promotion journey.

Inside this PRIVATE  group you will be able too...

  • Get support when you need it by connecting with other students in the course as well as myself.
  • Forge partnerships and relationships with other active marketers that are moving in the same direction as you. Can you say POWERFUL?
  • Accountability. Did you know, that most people don't succeed because they have nobody holding them accountable? Our thriving Facebook group will help you stay accountable to making 2016 the best yet.

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