Are you using YouTube to market your business? If not you should be.  YouTube is a powerful marketing medium to use if you use it properly.

There are certain practices that are becoming commonplace with YouTube marketing that are against youtube terms of service, and this video is an attempt to show you how to do it right.


To see the youtube terms of service in regards to keyword stuffing, go here.

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    8 replies to "YouTube Marketing – How To Do Proper On-Video Optimization"

    • Adam Morgan


      I really respect your stand against keyword stuffing and poor user experience. I am of the same stand. I’d rather do it right and have little video salesmen for months and years to come than have them taken down for some short term gain.

      • Mark Harbert

        totally bud, thats why we are all here right? We want a long term sustainable business that lasts. Thinking long term will always win out in the end. Thanks for your comment bud.

    • Eddie Garcia

      Hey Mark, great value in this video. Didn't know about keyword stuffing, but now I do. Tks!

    • Mark Harbert

      Yeah bud, something you want to stay away from. I see some people falling into the bad habit of this, and they are putting their channels in danger.

    • Rod A Davison

      Great tips Mark, luckily I went through Tube Traffic Mojo from the beginning and learned this right out of the gate.

    • Mark Harbert

      Thats cause your awesome Rod. 🙂 Keep doing it the right way, and you can't go wrong bud.

    • Jean R. Barnes

      Visit – Get your Youtube videos ranked on Google & Youtube search results

    • Mark super training on youtube you did the other night… really rocked it out of the park… Thanks for giving such great content… You made it really clear what Youtube wants and how you have a better chance of not getting your channel shut down… Keep Rockin it

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