Content Samurai Review – Video Marketing Tool Makes Video Marketing Simple


It’s no secret I love video marketing. BUT… Do you know what I love more? Tools that make my job easier! Creating videos is one of the best ways to get leads and traffic to your website. This is proven over and over again. I am a big believer in creating what I call “Talking head”…

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Three Essential Tools You Need To Market Online


Have you ever wondered what tools you should have to effectively do online marketing? Many do actually. I get emails and facebook messages daily of people asking where to start and what tools they need. In today’s Facebook LIVE I reveal exactly what you need to do out and start rocking it. Here are the resources discussed…

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How To Attract Leaders Into Your Business


Everybody that starts their own business has a dream. The dream is to sign up that one guy or that one woman that goes on to be the rockstar in their business that builds a huge organization. Come on admit it, you want that don’t you? 🙂 Well in today’s Facebook LIVE video I address this…

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