Sixteen Essential Traits Of Personal Initiative By Napoleon Hill

napolean hill pi2

If you are looking to become one of the best leaders that you can be, then you must develop the essential discipline of personal initiative. What is the habit of personal initiative? Most people are looking for some magic pill, some outside force to bring them the success they want, yet few are really willing…

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Why You Need To Get To Live Events

getting to live events

So right now I am sitting in my hotel room in Austin, Texas preparing my presentation for when I speak on stage this weekend at Live The Dream 5. This is MLSP’s annual event, and I wanted to share some nuggets with you that I have learned over the years in this industry. If I had…

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My Playbook For Getting Leads Using Video Ads


There is a strategy that I have been secretly using for the last 8 months or so to get leads using video ads. Thats right, video ads. What makes this such a cool strategy is that it combines the power of video with the reach of social media. Social media is not only a cool place…

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