How She Sponsored 289 People In Less Than 7 Months

Get Leads For Free

What if you could enroll 289 people over a 7 month time frame? Would that get you excited? I just sat down with my bud Lisa Torres to ask her, and what she shared with me is pretty amazing. Access The Video Series Here Register For My Webinar With Lisa on February 16th 9pm eastern

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How To Handle Rejection When It Comes

Feeling Rejected

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges any home business owner will face is rejection. Rejection from family members, friends, and even co-workers. This is a debilitating fear that has ruined more dreams and goals than any other. Why? Because people tend to take rejection so personally. They believe its a reflection on themselves as a…

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The Potential Distractions of Multiple Streams of Income


Ah yes, the thought of sitting under a tiki hut on the beach sipping up a margarita enjoying the sun and waves while multiple streams of income fill our bank account. Can you see it? Many can, but there is a problem that it can cause if you are not careful. Multiple streams of income is…

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