Three Ways To Use Online Video Marketing To Build Your Email List

Three Ways To Build Your Email List With Online Video

Online video marketing has exploded in recent years and is only going to get bigger and time goes on. Unless you have been under a rock you know that video marketing is the most effective way to build your email list. The reason is when someones sees a video first and then chooses to add…

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How To Use “The Donald Trump Effect” In Your Home Business

The Donald Trmup Effect

This blog post is not necessarily my personal endorsement of Donald Trump but an evaluation from a marketers perspective on why he is doing so well in the 2016 Presidential polls. Also, Donald Trump has NOT endorsed this post, it is merely me giving my own opinion of his success. I encourage you to read this entire post…

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Three Reasons Many Still Struggle Getting Leads On YouTube

Still Struggling With youtube

Unless you have been under a rock you know that one of the biggest sites online is YouTube. Billions of unique hits per month. Millions upon millions of views per day. Its a mammoth of a site to promote your business if you do it correctly. YouTube is also the #2 search engine and has…

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