How To Become A Profitable Part Timer From Home

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Almost everybody I know in this industry becomes a part timer before they go full time. I remember when I started this business I was only working it for about 2 hours a day. Not because I didn’t want to go full time, but because I still had bills to pay and mouths to feed. Can…

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Are You Using Social Media Wrong?

Facebook is one of the most powerful mediums online to build your business. As a matter of fact social media in general is one of the best ways to build relationships, get leads, and make more sales. There is nobody better to teach on using social media for networking like Jessica. What she teaches is…

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Sixteen Essential Traits Of Personal Initiative By Napoleon Hill

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If you are looking to become one of the best leaders that you can be, then you must develop the essential discipline of personal initiative. What is the habit of personal initiative? Most people are looking for some magic pill, some outside force to bring them the success they want, yet few are really willing…

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