Why Video Marketing Is Essential To Implement In Your Marketing


If you’re thinking about marketing online, one of the best ways for you to do it is with video. Video helps people to see you, and it gives them an opportunity to realize that there is a real person behind your site and business. Video marketing bridges the gap between virtual reality and actual reality…

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How To Get The Right Video Marketing Equipment Without The Cost

Cinema Spot

Probably one of the questions I get regularly being a video marketer is.. “What kind of camera and mic do you use, your videos are so good?” That question is the motivation of this blog post and video so that you you can understand and know what is the best equipment to use to create…

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How To Use Social Media Completely Wrong

how to use social media the wrong way

If you’re a social media regular, than more than likely you have seen your fair share of spam and junk. The truth is so many well meaning marketers are using this medium totally wrong and actually hurting their reputation in the process. There is a right way, and a wrong way to use these mediums…

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