Is It Even Possible To Overcome The YouTube Fiasco?

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Some people are wondering what is going to happen now that youtube seems to be allowing scammy people to falsely flag youtube videos and get their account shut down. People seem to be running for the hills, some are quitting all together, and some and just flat out pissed. so what can you do if…

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The YouTube SLAP And Some Alternatives For Video Marketing


Ok, so you have already seen the buzz going on. Blog posts flying, videos everywhere. PEOPLE FREAKING OUT!!!! YouTube is getting pesky with marketers. There are couple of things that are contributing to this and in this video I talk about them and also give you a few alternatives for posting videos. Understand this, I…

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350+ Leads On Facebook Webinar Replay


Had an awesome turn out on todays webinar regarding facebook marketing. I didn’t get into technical aspects of creating ads and such, but what I shared is how to stand out from the crowd and better results on facebook. If you want a good place to start for getting leads online, click here.

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