Taking Personal Responsibility – The First Step To True Freedom

not my fault

The hardest thing to do in life for some is taking personal responsibility. What is taking personal responsibility? Well lets just say that it’s where you take full, and I do mean FULL responsibility for everything that is happening or not happening in your life. With this in mind, I really wanted to do something…

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Video Marketing And Getting Over Your Fear Of The Camera

fear of the camera

It goes without saying that one of the most powerful strategies online today is video marketing to convey and get your message out to the marketplace. Text cannot accomplish what video can in a short period of time. There is one big problem though. What if you are deathly afraid of the camera and getting…

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The Ego Traps You Must Avoid If You Want Success

ego traps

I was just reading an article on The Business Insider recently that talked about the 8 Ego traps leaders fall into and I decided to make it the subject of my recent wake up call with MLSP. My suggestion is that if you are struggling to get ahead in your business, listen to this audio…

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