John C. Maxwell “Leadership Is Influence, Nothing More, Nothing Less”

John Maxwell Leadership is influence2

One of my favorite trainers on leadership is John C. Maxwell. This video I found on YouTube will speak to you if you are looking at leading a team in your business, or attracting other people into your business. When you understand some of the basics of leadership, its so much easier to understand why…

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How To Structure Your Videos For Generating Leads

video structure

I get asked all the time by people how to make a video that will actually get me leads. This video answers that question.  

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FREEDOM – How To Live Life On Your Terms


If you have more leads than you can  handle, then don’t click here.

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Are You Living Your Passion? If Not, Its Time To Make It Happen

are you living your passon thumb

This life is to short not to do what you love. In this video I talk about why should be doing what you love every single day of your life including your work. Little low on leads? Here is your solution.

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Mark Harbert Interviews Internet Rockstars Kate and Andrew Mcshea


You know whats really cool? When you see two people that struggled for a long time finally get success with their business. This morning I sat down and had an awesome conversation with Kate and Andrew about their recent success, their views on why certain people succeed and others do not. We also talked about…

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Mobile Marketing – Interview Reveals An Awesome Way To Get Leads & Exposure

are you ignoring the obvious

There is one thing I love to do, and that is I am always searching for ways to widen my reach and get in front of more people for my business. Wether we like it or not, there is massive shift happening in the mobile space, so big in fact that you would have to…

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