How To Crush It With This Simple 90-Day Game Plan


Did you know that you can literally change the entire direction of your business in 90 days? Yup, its true. How do I know? Because thats what happened for me. Look at my chart below which shows my sign up rate in one program I promote. Most people believe that it takes a long time to…

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Why The Phrase “The Money Is In The List” Is The Biggest Lie In Marketing

the money is in the list

So you have maybe heard it before… “The money is in the list” however, not only is this NOT true, its causes people to scratch their heads wondering if this entire list building deal is a sham when things don’t work for them. Thats right. The money is most definitely NOT in the list and anybody…

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Three Ways A Blog Can Help To Build Your Business Online

blog online

I have been blogging since 2008 and there is a few things I have learned during that time. There is basically 3 main ways you can use a blog to build your business online. Lead Generation Using a blog for lead generation is almost a necessity now days. The reality is, places like Facebook and other…

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