The Movement

Say it. Live it. Be it.

As small business entrepreneurs we MUST think and operate at our highest God-Given ability. Each of us have been given certain abilities and skills by our creator for His Glory. If we want to live a fulfilling life it's imperative that we identify them and become them as God intended. These 10 core commitments that I also call the "I AM" affirmations, are essential to walking in that purpose. Will you join me in this movement?

If so, then Say it. Live it. Be it.

I AM committed to generating leads and making sales using the highest standards of integrity and messaging.
I AM committed to providing more value than what someone actually pays therefore creating raving fans.
I AM committed to personal growth and taking full responsibility for my successes as well as my failures.
I AM committed to taking action, being an innovator, and being resourceful when I need answers or help.
I AM committed to staying the course when things don't go my way but rather press through so I can learn from the journey.
I AM committed to properly nurturing my audience and turning them into lifetime customers when possible.
I AM committed to creating online content for building a long term and sustainable business.
I AM committed and willing to receive constructive feedback from a trusted source without being offended because I want to get better each day as I step into my God-Given purpose.
I AM committed to investing in my skillsets on a consistent basis as a true master of my craft.
I AM committed to always find the win/win with my prospects, customers and team members even if that means losing a sale.

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