Recommended Resources

On this page, you will find all the tools that I recommend for doing business online. Just know that if it’s on this page I give it my full endorsement. I will be updating this page on a regular basis so check back often.


This is by far the best lead generation system for the money. The system provides a funnel builder, CRM, and the business center which allows you to create your own products. The community is amazing, and the sole focus is lead generation. If you want all the tools to market online under one roof then I recommend you sign up for the ten day test drive now.

Every online marketer should have an autoresponder. This also integrates with My Lead System Pro capture pages. This is basically what all your leads go into and allow you to email them regularly. This tool is a must-have and you need it if you are going to market online. MUST HAVE


If you are going to set up your own website or blog, I highly recommend you use Bluehost. Their hosting rocks and their service is fantastic. It’s also very easy to use their back end cPanel. I always recommend this hosting service to my students and clients as its easy and they can grow with it.


In my opinion, this is by far the best WordPress theme for a blog and the best Funnel Page builder you can get. This theme and funnel builder is meant for marketers gets my highest recommendation. I use this on all of my sites and funnels and its super inexpensive compared to other page builders.


This is one of my favorite sites for outsourcing graphics, document formatting, and a whole slew of other tasks that I don’t want to do myself. This is one site you need to be using to outsource your work. If you can pay someone to do the work for you, DO IT. Fiverr is great even for the newbie.


If you use an Apple computer then this is one tool YOU WILL LOVE for streaming LIVE to your favorite platforms. I use this to stream to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. This pulls in comments from the various platforms and allows you to showcase the comments on the screen for all to see. It's an amazing tool for engaging with your live audiences.

Imagine being able to stream live on Facebook and up to 30+ other destinations all at the same time? You can with Restream. This is great as a stand along product and it also integrates with other streaming software like Ecamm and OBS. You can also stream pre-recorded videos as well. If you really want to get your content out there, this a great tool to do that.


This is my new favorite tool. I get asked all the time how to make product graphic mockups. This is the tool to do it with. If you need to create a 3D cover image, or a box shot for your course or PDF download, this is a great tool to do it with. Test out the free version and if you like it I suggest you upgrade to the full version. I upgraded almost immediately. This is a great tool.

This is my analytics tool of choice for getting great keyword ideas for YouTube marketing. I also LOVE this tool for finding great tags for my videos also. If you are doing any type of Marketing on YouTube get this tool. You will love it. For sure one tool I highly recommend.

This is my tool of choice for auto-posting to my social media profiles online. If you want to keep engagement up and keep driving traffic to your content long after you create it, this tool is amazing. Posting on your pages and social media profiles is crucial in the long run. This tool helps you automate it all.

Amazing tool for tracking all of your marketing every step of the way. The #1 rule in marketing is to TRACK EVERYTHING. If you don’t know where your efforts are getting the best results you can scale it up. This link tracking software is the best I have seen and I use it myself and I refer all my clients to it because its crucial for marketing.

This tool is one of my favorites and HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you want to put a deadline on your offers. It fully integrates with your email autoresponder and works amazing. Scarcity is something that is essential for a high-covering funnel. Be sure to check out this tool and take it for a ride.

Get 6 Months Free Through This Link. I have used this for over 10 years. It’s not even optional in my mind as passwords are required for almost any site. What I love about this is that it syncs between my phone and computer. It also creates passwords for you so you can use a unique password for every log in. This makes it even better for security.


As part of my business, my wife and I pay ourselves a paycheck. This not only pays taxes on a regular basis, but it is also part of our overall tax strategy. If you need a payroll provider I recommend Gusto. They are great and they work directly with most accounting software. Of course, for any Tax advice ask a tax professional.

Running a budget is ESSENTIAL if you want to have a successful business. Even the largest fortune 500 companies run a budget to manage expenses and income. This software is incredible and I love using it. It is very inexpensive to use for a full year. If you are always anxious about your money, and where it's going, use this software.