The internet can be a double-edged sword when it comes to building a home business. It’s an amazing tool to create a lifestyle never before available to us prior to the digital age.

However as you’ve probably discovered,  it can also be a killer when it comes to focusing on the things that we must do to build a successful online business.

How many times have you sat down at your computer with great intentions, only to find yourself getting sucked down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos, or meaningless Facebook Posts where you’re watching other people do what you want to be doing!

You know you won’t get there like this, but you keep doing it anyway. Of course, you know that this is insanity.

How do you get away from this? How do you stay focused and not allow yourself to get pulled into distractions?

It all starts with a mindset built to allow you to focus.

Today we’re going to show you what you need to be able to get focused in the first place, and then show you how to STAY focused. (That’s the key!)

5 Critical Things You MUST Do Immediately to Get and Stay Focused on Your Goals!

#1 Be Insanely Specific About Your Goals!

Most people fail to reach their goals because their goals really aren’t actual goals. They’re just lofty wishes, hopes, and dreams.

I want to make more money” is a lofty dream.

“I want to be earning an extra $4400 dollars per month by May 23rd, 2018… because i want to pay down $2200 a month toward my $27,300 in credit card debt every month, and I want to put away $2200 a month for a full year so that I can put a $26,000 down payment on a house by June of 2019!”

Now THAT is a specific goal, with a TON of WHY attached to it. Which will help be an anchor to pull you in when you start finding yourself distracted.

You’ve given yourself 90 days to hit that level of extra income per month. And you can probably feel, smell, and taste what it would be like to hit that goal… with $26,000 to put down on a new home for your family, while at the same getting near being completely out of debt.

#2 Follow a Plan of Massive ACTION Toward YOUR Specific Goal!

Once you create a specific goal, you’ll then need to create a plan of action that you can focus on to reach it.

This plan would also have to be specific. That might look something like this:

I need to bring in 35 leads a day

Convert 3 sales a day @ $50 each = $150 a day

You see you can’t focus if you’ve got nothing to focus on.

Many people wonder why they can’t focus, but the sad truth is they don’t even know what they should be focused on. That’s why creating a plan, or a road map is crucial to keep you on track with your focus.

The key here, however, is to create a plan that’s going to make you go into MASSIVE ACTION mode!

After 4 years of struggling In 2012, I had one of the most eye-opening experiences a father and husband can have.  It completely opened my eyes of WHY I needed to change.

There was $7 in my Paypal account, and when I walked into the kitchen  my wife said “Honey, we need food!”

That day was one of the worst in my life, and those 4 words made me realize that I needed a plan, and I needed it to work fast. Because I never wanted to feel like that again.

So I decided to go hard for 90 days, and give it everything I had.

Believe me, those 90 days were full of FOCUS like never before, because of the fear of maybe seeing a day like that again.

Taking massive action and following a detailed plan, in 90 days I had my first 5-Figure month, and haven’t looked back since.

You need to have a road map, and then put the pedal to the metal with all the intention to get there within a specific period of time!

But be careful…

#3: Stick to ONE Strategy and Go After It With an Obsession

More than likely you’ve already experienced some overwhelm because of shiny object syndrome.

It’s a common disease in the home biz world.

Here’s the thing you must remember. There will always be another strategy. And the people selling those strategies will tell you how great they are, and how horrible the other ones are. The one you’re using.

They’re doing their job, but YOU must be strong and focused to do YOURS!

Your job is to pick a strategy and go after it with a vengeance until you’re successful.

Of course, I’m not talking about inventing a strategy. Why would you do that when the strategies have already been laid out for you? Take the easy way, and find a strategy that’s proven to work and go after it with gusto!

Make mistakes, get knocked down, and get back up again tweaking your strategy until you get it right.

    • Video Marketing
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Blogging
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • It doesn’t matter.

Pick one strategy and run with it. Don’t worry those other strategies will be there when you’re ready to expand. Heck, they might be better by then.

Remember those 90 days I was telling you about my first 5-figures? That was all video marketing.

I was a mad man. I was obsessed. By the time I was done I knew more about video marketing than 99% of the people in the industry and was able to build a second stream of income teaching people what I knew.

I mastered that strategy, and I STILL get leads and sales from my videos to this day.

#4: Quiet Your Mind!

A chaotic mind doesn’t focus very well.

And let’s face it, we all have a zillion things in our lives that can cause that chaos. Our mind starts going into overdrive, thinking of all the things that have happened, that could happen, that we wish wouldn’t have ever happened and that we wish would happen…

All at once!!

The best way to quiet your mind is certainly not new. It’s been used for centuries, and now been scientifically proven to make your brain work better, and make you more compassionate.

It’s called Meditation!

If you’re thinking that you’re going to have to sit on  a rock, legs crossed, humming then you’re wrong (unless you want to do that, it does work!)

But the fact is that today meditation is more common than ever, and it’s simple to learn.

The best way to think of meditation is to think of your mind like the sky. These days we normally live in a world where our mind is more like a hurricane coming from one side, and a tornado from the other. It’s just chaos.

A common thought is that meditation is supposed to clear all your thoughts.

That’s basically impossible. Meditation is not a way to rid your mind of thoughts, but to slow them down and quietly observe them.

Picture clouds in the sky passing by. You don’t obsess over each cloud, you simply watch them pass nice and slowly. Those clouds of course are your thoughts, and it’s as easy as that.

Even just 10 minutes of meditation every day will dramatically help your focus. And it’s easier than ever.

Personally, I love to focus on the spiritual side of life as a Christian and focus on what God wants for my life.

This helps me quiet my mind from the chaos of the day and focus on the most important thing in my life. I love going to YouTube and searching up guided meditation for Christians. There is a ton of them. Just pick one and go to it.

#5: Become Accountable to Someone Else!

Let’s face it. Most of us are terrible at holding ourselves accountable.

It’s just too easy not to, so we generally don’t.

Yet something remarkable happens when there’s someone else to hold us accountable. We quickly learn to focus on what we need to do, and then we do it.

Usually, these are called deadlines.

When you’ve got someone waiting for you to accomplish something by a certain time, you’ll usually move mountains to get it done out of fear of not letting the person down, or not being looked down on by them.

It’s a powerful tool. So why not use it to your advantage.

This is where having a business partner or a coach can come in extremely handy.

Many people have forgotten, but back when I started smashing it in 2012, I had a mastermind partner. And guess what… we both zoomed to the top of the leaderboards and to $5-figures per month.

It was because neither wanted to face the other when we didn’t do what we said we were going to do. We were holding each other accountable.

Now, I have coaches. People who are well ahead of me on this journey, that I gladly pay thousands of dollars not to just help me move forward because of their experience, but to also hold me accountable!

Most people see dramatic improvements in their business within the first 90 days when they start a coaching program, and the accountability factor is a huge reason for that!

Bonus! Enjoy the Process

Many people get so busy going after their goals that they forget to enjoy the process.

But isn’t that crazy when the reason we want to grow a home business is so that we can work from home, and have freedom? 

Start embracing learning new things right away, falling on your face now and then, and then getting back up for more.

Learn to celebrate the seemingly small victories because they lead up to the big victories!

Don’t discount the small victories.

If you put up your first video, make sure to take a few minutes to enjoy it. No don’t give yourself a day off, but do a little something special.

When you get your first sale, jump up and down and do a happy dance. Don’t take the day off, or spend all your commissions on a shopping spree, but just celebrate in at least a small way.

This makes it all worth it!

The Steps Above Will Help You Focus on Your Business if You Apply Them!

You now have an arsenal of weapons to use to focus on your business. Building a mindset that defeats distractions before they get to you is like putting the gates upon distraction.

However, you must do the things above in order for it to work. That’s up to YOU to start right now!!

If you got value from this post please feel free to comment and share with your friends.

You rock,

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    • Carl Davies

      I wouldn’t even consider number 4: Quiet your mind! I’ll have to give that ago. Cheers mate!

    • Cindy M Harris

      Thank you Mark! Just what I needed this evening! Blessings!

    • Madolynn Rose

      Great steps – framework is strategy after all. It’s the mindset that creates the change for me and meditation is a daily part of that. Once I stop thinking of everything all at once, I relax and can focus on 1 task at a time. Thanks, Mark – valuable post!

      • Mark Harbert

        Thanks Madolynn, glad you enjoyed this post. 🙂

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