The abundance mindset is a mindset that is “we” focused while the lack mindset is “me” focused. If you want to make more money, get more leads, and get more sales, then you must be abundance mindset oriented.

In todays audio podcast, I recently did the MLSP wake up call, and I shared exactly how you can begin to cultivate this mindset in your business.

I also found this photo on the internet, not sure who made it or where it came from, but it clearly shows the difference between the two.



    4 replies to "The Abundance Mindset Vs. The Lack Mindset. Which One Do You Have?"

    • Donna Gallegos

      Mark, listened to the podcast on abundance/scarcity mindset. Service is our calling, not as a servant but as the leader who takes joy in the knowledge that what we do/give will help those around us. Our service builds others and in so doing we gain the respect, and following of those we touch. I loved what you had to say and am very thankful that MLSP has provided a platform for Leaders such as you.

    • Mark Harbert

      Thanks Donna, I agree totally with you, and thanks so much for the nice comments.

    • Alex Aguirre

      Thank you Mark. I love the infographic, and immediately started to see places where I go between abundance and scarcity.

    • Mark Harbert

      Awesome Alex, I love that. Its all about breakthrough my friend. You rock buddy. Appreciate you.

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