I recently sat down with my buddy and friend Adam Chandler to discuss what he has done to become the #1 in his company.

Whats crazy is that just a few short years ago, he was replaced by a wooden sign at his job….lol

Thats right.

You have got to hear his story. I know it will inspire you on your journey.

Not only has he gone on to defy the odds, but he has also built an amazing lifestyle in the process.

If you have never met Adam before, you will see he is a real guy, that loves to enjoy life.

Adam and I have been friends for many years, but I remember when I first got started online he was one of the guys I got training from on a regular basis.

He is one of those guys that has been around in the online world a long time.

In an industry where people jump from one thing to the next, its refreshing to see someone like Adam still kicking butt and taking names and as solid as a rock.

Enjoy this interview and see what he did to take 5811 leads and turn them into 166 new customers and become the #1 producer in his company.

It will inspire you. Enjoy.


To get access to the free video series that shows how Adam became the #1 producer in his company you can click here to get access.

    3 replies to "Guy Gets Fired By A Wooden Sign But See Who Is Laughing Now"

    • Jxo Az

      You should look up to Adam. Off topic, but I'm about as fat as you and seeing a guy who makes videos after snow boarding is inspiring compared to the future I feel is rapidly coming for us, making videos from a hospital bed because of shortness of breath due to obesity. I'm speaking of myself here too. I went for a massage yesterday and labored breathing was an understatement. I felt like I was going to die because I couldn't breath under the weight of my own body. That was very concerning. We've both got to get on that having a life thing. Keep looking up to higher measures of success.

    • Robin Ellis

      Thanks, some great nuggets, best being to increase your value.

    • Andre Catnott

      Adam is the MAN! Love this guy.

      Great story looking forward to Thursday Webinar I just registered.

      Thanks for sharing Mark.

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