What is Attraction Marketing? It's the art of positioning yourself in front of your perfect prospect, as the “go-to-person” in your particular niche or expertise.

This is fundamental when you are building your online business.

The essence of attraction is what makes people want to buy or join other people, in whatever business they are promoting.

It’s when people start noticing your online presence, and look to you for information.

Attraction is a psychological reaction.  People are attracted when they feel the need to listen to somebody, follow their advice and get results based on their teaching.

It’s when people feel they are getting value from you.

Check out the video below where I share with you the 3 distinct mindsets in Attraction Marketing.

It's a very simple concept having people hunting you down, rather than you chasing them about your business.

Imagine how would your business change if you could be selective about who you work with?

What if you could tap into the same attraction factor celebrities have with their fans?

Celebrities produce a “starstruck” effect on people, who just want to be around them as raving fans.

It’s a fact that humans find people either attractive or unattractive, based on the value they believe those “attractive” people provide for them.

People believe they empower themselves by association with these individuals, and that a little bit of their attractiveness will rub off on them; therefore increasing their own personal value.

Attraction is all about the “feeling” of being associated with a person.  There’s a sense of value with that “connection.”

Essentially, attraction is leadership.

Human beings have a subconscious attraction to those who display leadership qualities. And the personal value a leader has attracts people–that seek the same–towards them.

To become attractive to others, you must become a leader that they want to follow.

One of the best ways to do automation in your business is through the power of video.  What separates the people that succeed and don't succeed in Online Marketing is the willingness to get on video and share value through it.

Video is a medium that communicates like no other.  Nowadays, short videos are massively popular; because they can create a connection.

A lot of the automation you’ll do in your business is video-based.  That's what has the ability to create connection, and really drive people down the path or journey that you want.

When it comes to attraction, its very important to understand the 3 different and distinct states of mind:

    1. The Beta:  Is a careful person who avoids risk and confrontation or lacks the physical presence, charisma, and confidence of Alphas. The type of person who doesn’t want to cause any problems, who wants to get along with everybody.
    2. The Pre-Alpha: Is a Beta in transition to the Alpha state.  They get outside of their comfort zone a little bit.
    3. The Alpha: An Alpha lives in the abundant frame of mind, and is intently followed by Betas and Pre-Alphas.

Our goal is to get to a point where we're living in that Alpha state of mind, it's a very powerful thing because people tend to follow the Alphas; since the Alphas are the ones that are confident and strong, they are really clear on the way they are going and moving in that direction.

In entrepreneurship, getting to the Alpha state of mind doesn’t come easily.

It comes by constantly investing in yourself, and building up your ideas and who you are.  People don’t like to follow Betas, because they project insecurity. 

Get uncomfortable at the thought of being a leader.  Start to develop yourself in the idea that you have value to give, your goal is to find that value; invest in yourself.

Over time, you can really become that person of value, and begin to advance in other areas.

You are very valuable as a human, whatever state of mind you are in.

I want you to find out where you are regarding your mindset because your mindset is what’s going to attract or bring more success to you, based upon how you think; because people are attracted to the way other people think.

In the Beta state of mind, one tends to play the “blame game” and lack personal responsibility.  They blame others for their lack of success. They are quick to take credit for any success but do not take responsibility for any failures.  They want to be told what to do.

What you want to do is to start moving out of that state of mind.  Begin to take responsibility.  Dive in. Try to learn it yourself.  Be resourceful.

Pre Alphas have the vision to become an Alpha. They're willing to discipline themselves like Alphas, they push through challenges.  They take responsibility for their successes and failures alike.

When stepping into that Pre Alpha state of mind, now you begin to stop blaming others. You realize that the success of your business rests solely upon you and the things you do and the actions you take every day.

So you don't point the finger if things aren't going right, you don't point to anybody but to yourself.

When you get to the Alpha state of mind, you are not shaken by the opinion of others.  This is a breakthrough point for you. This will allow you to get out there, do the videos, and create the content that's necessary to allow you to have an automated style business.

Part of the reason people don't do videos is that they're afraid of the opinions of others.

Some people won't like you, just because you're willingly putting yourself out there doing something that they are unwilling to do.

The sooner you get over other people's opinions of you, the better.  Their opinions do not determine your value.

Alphas radiate confidence in the direction they are going. They're moving forward.  When you portray that self-confidence, people notice it and like it.

Be passionate about what you do, but don’t get emotionally connected to whether people buy or don't.

To avoid the “roller coaster effect” of being up and down, get into an Alpha state of mind.  Leaders have a constant even emotion; confident but at the same time humble-minded.  Confident but not arrogant.

Alphas conduct business with the utmost integrity, which in itself is super attractive.  Your customer is first and foremost in your mind.  It doesn’t mean they are always right but you need to put their needs, wants, and desires ahead of your own.

To become an Alpha, you ought to increase your value and your self-worth; by learning new specialized skills.

Personal value is key.  Value equals money.  The more you do this, the more valuable you become. The more you begin to share, the more people can see your value. And the more people want to potentially buy from you and be around you.

That is attraction marketing.

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