Attraction marketing is a term we see thrown around a lot in the home business space on a regular basis.

But what is it exactly, and how does it differ from any other type of marketing?

You've seen attraction marketing in action, and you probably never even realized it. Not because it's a secret.

Not even because those using it correctly are even trying to be covert about it.

Those that understand attraction marketing, are the ones that you see winning in this industry. Period.

The funny thing about it is that you might feel like they're not even marketing. They're not pushing their products on you, or shoving their opportunity down your throat and “telling” you how great they're doing with it.

You just SEE that they're doing great.

Heck, you may not even know what their opportunity is.

Yet you still follow them.

On the other hand… when you get annoyed by someone who's marketing AT you…well…they're clearly not doing things right.

You can see it and feel it as clear as day. If it's off-putting and almost insulting to you, then it's exactly the opposite of attraction marketing, isn't it?

If you're not seeing the results in your business that you were hoping for, then you're probably not using attraction marketing, or at least not using it correctly.

That's okay. That's where we all start.

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What Attraction Marketing Is NOT!

From day one in a network marketing business, we're told we have to start “sharing” our business, and letting others see the potential. (or something along those lines)

We're usually given some “marketing material” to share, DVDs to hand out, material to learn our products inside and out, etc.

And then we're told to make a list of everyone we know and start calling them and telling them about this great new thing we've found.

When that list gets burned, the next step is usually the internet.

That's where people usually start blasting out their opportunities to all their Facebook friends and aggressively branding the company they are a distributor for.

Leaving themselves out of the equation almost completely.

Quickly you start losing real friends, the family starts avoiding you, and Facebook and other social media accounts turn into a ghost town for YOU.

Any of this sound familiar?

Now that you know how to recognize what attraction marketing is NOT, let's dig into what it is.

What IS Attraction Marketing?

Attraction: the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something.”

The Definition of Attraction

If you type “attraction” into Google, above is the definition that comes up immediately.

It's a pretty solid definition. (These Google people apparently know what they're doing. 😉

And if you look up the ‘antonym' (opposite) of attraction marketing… it's quite revealing and paints a pretty clear picture of what you don't want to happen in your business.

Attraction Marketing Antonyms

Now let's talk about how attraction marketing works to pull people to you!

5 Keys to Effective Attraction Marketing

Key #1: Attracts People to You, It Doesn't Repulse Them

If you just said “duh” when you read that, then you should ask yourself: “If it's so obvious, why have I…and so many others… not been doing it?”

Are you attracting people to YOU, or discouraging and repulsing people. Only YOU, your friends, family, and social media followers know the truth.

Key #2: Attraction Marketing Brands YOU as a Leader

Who do people want to follow? You probably learned this as a kid playing one of your first games with friends called “Follow the Leader.”

People are ALWAYS looking for a leader to follow. Plain and simple.

Where are they looking for YOU to lead them? Closer to their goal. To success. To their dreams!

That goal or dream might mean many things to them…

    • Become financially free
    • Start a successful business (home or otherwise)
    • Lose weight
    • Get healthy
    • Get organized
    • Buy your dream home (realtors?)
    • Become secure! (Insurance agents?)

Sometimes leaders are assigned to you automatically, like in the armed services for instance. You're assigned a leader, and there can be dire consequences if you don't follow that leader.

At work, your boss or foreman is assigned to lead you, and not following them can lead to you losing a job, going broke, starving, freezing, or winding up in the streets with no roof over your head.

In other places (home business industry, financial industry, health industry, etc) leaders are sought after and found!

As humans… we're genetically wired to look for leaders for direction. This means that out in the world and online, people are looking for a leader to follow to reach their goals.

That person might as well be YOU. Especially if YOUR goal is to grow a home business, a downline, or even an offline business.

Key #3: Brand YOU, Not Your Company!

Since we know that people want a leader to follow, and that leader needs to be you, this means that we have to build that brand of YOU, Inc.

NOT your network marketing company!!

People join people, NOT companies. And now we know what kind of people they follow. Leaders who can get them closer to their goals. No matter what company you're in. They truly don't care about that.

They care about who YOU are!

If you've been pumping out your company name or talking about how great your products are, what they're made of, how many mountains people have to climb to get the ingredients, or how it's the next big thing…then you're not branding YOU.

You're doing the branding work of the company.

Let them spend their money and time doing that. You need to brand yourself because that's who people will be joining.

Key #4: Develops Know, Like, and Trust

Let's face it. We're not building a business JUST so we can become a leader. We're building a business so we can make money.

To change our financial freedom, and if you're like me, to help as many people achieve their dream as possible.

Before that can happen in any circumstance, we need to attract prospective buyers (leads). Keys #1 thru #3 build that foundation by developing the KNOW variable.

After that, it's up to us to create the LIKE and TRUST.

That's done through the content that we put out to the marketplace. When people see that you're out to help THEM, and working on their behalf, they like you and trust you enough to give you their money.

Because they know that YOU will over-deliver on their investment (because you've already delivered to them!)

Key #5: Attraction Marketing Builds Empires!

Remember we said that most times we don't even know what network marketing company the people you follow in our industry are promoting.

That's because they're not branding that company. They're branding themselves!

In fact, it doesn't matter what company they're in, or even if that company shuts down one day.

They can rebuild themselves extremely FAST off of their own brand name alone if necessary. They can also build multiple income streams from that brand.

They're bound to nothing because they're their own entity.

And that's how attraction marketing builds Empires!

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You rock,

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    • Ingrid Gallagher

      I Loved Your Blogpost Mark, especially makes since when you actually show the definition of attraction and the opposite!
      I’m so happy now I learned something new, I will follow these crucial 5 Key points, and Integrate them into my business.
      Thank you for lifting this profession to a higher, much better standard ☺️

    • Deborah

      Great information thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Rhandell Mitchell

      Great post Mark! Very articulate way of explaining attraction marketing for anyone who doesn’t fully understand. Also a good reminder for some things I need to correct in my own business. Good stuff.

    • Michael Kidzinski

      It’s always a lot better to attract people rather than chasing them and it’s not only in business.

      Even on a private level people always prefer to spend time with people who listen them and thanks to that can help them solve their problems or achieve what they want to achieve.

      In other words we attract people when we focus on their needs.

      Awesome article Mark 🙂

    • Marquis Agbonkpolor

      Thanks for sharing this insightful piece of information

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