What Eric Worre shares here is Golden, really when I heard this, I thought wow, this is exactly what people need to hear. You get paid in direct proportion to the value you provide. If you want more, you need to just do a little extra, and you will get paid according to that value.


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Enjoy it my friends!

Mark Harbert

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    4 replies to "If You Want More, You Need To Become More"

    • Tony Roberts

      Mark, I have been following you for a while, and I respect you very much. Due to the content of this post, I feel compelled to comment on it. Eric makes a few good points, but unfortunately I think he's inaccurate in his estimate of the economic of minimum wage. I'm not advocating an increase, decrease, or even staying where it is. I just think he doesn't quite know what he's talking about when he says that you'll get a raise for being a pleasant person. You can be pleasant and competent in your job, and you can even go above and beyond the call of duty. In most cases, you aren't going to get a raise. For as long as you continue to do the duties you're currently doing, you will be paid something very close to what you make now.
      At times, the company you work for may have an opportunity for advancement, and you may even get the promotion, but that's only AT TIMES. Especially in today's economic conditions, most people are holding onto their jobs and company growth is slow. So where are you going to be promoted to? With what money will you be given a raise? I'm sorry, it just doesn't work that way. That's pie in the sky, and if you think otherwise, go work at Burger King and try to work your way up. If you're good, you'll become a shift supervisor. Then you'll probably be making a whole DOLLAR over minimum wage!
      As for the minimum wage numbers – companies say that higher minimum wage will be passed onto the customers, thereby negating the potential standard of living increase that came from the higher wage across the board. There's some truth to that. But don't for a second think that if the minimum wage was back down to $3/hr that companies would pay you more at the bottom level because you're good at your job. That's when the CEO's and executives give themselves huge pats on the back and bonuses because they're so good at creating a profitable business. In some respects, that's true and justified. In others, it's a load of steaming BS. The point is that Eric Worre is wrong there.
      As for increasing minimum wage? We have a lot of people who are the working poor right now. One huge thing they can't afford is healthcare and insurance, and because companies are so good at keeping costs down, they've realized that they can keep employees below a certain threshold and not be required to include them in their benefits package. So what happens when you need to go to the doctor? You have to pay out of pocket. And $150 is 13% of your monthly income on minimum wage. Start adding up your monthly bills – even as a single person – and I'd be interested to see how many people think they could get by on $1160/mo. By the way, that's working full-time. As I stated before, a lot of companies don't allow a full 40hr week. So now you're working 2 jobs, but neither of those have anything in the way of applicable skills to allow you to get ahead in life and eventually break into a solid, comfortable middle class life.
      Like I said, Eric is just propagating pie in the sky…
      So how does one get ahead? Are we doomed? Well, Mark, that's where you come in, isn't it? 🙂

    • Mark Harbert


      Thanks buddy for emailing me and commenting on my post.

      I totally respect your opinion and your right to share, but in my
      honest opinion I think you are misunderstanding the overall theme
      of what he shared in this video. I don't believe what he is sharing
      is pie in the sky, its reality Tony.

      The entire point is not that just giving a smile will get you a
      raise, its that just going above and beyond the bare minimum and
      providing more value will many times get you much further than
      demanding more and not giving more in return like the majority
      of people in our society.

      He hit the nail on the head when he said how most people think

      "I will work harder when I get paid more"

      That is not how it works. You must work harder provide more value and then get
      paid more. If you feel at your current place or situation thats not happening
      then its time to look elsewhere for those that are willing to pay
      you what your worth and whats inline with the market.

      I do agree with you in some way that many times that doesn't work
      today given the current economic climate, but that doesn't mean
      you have to let it affect you? Look elsewhere.

      Opportunity never goes away, it only changes forms, you just
      have to adapt to it by finding a pain, and then provide the painkiller.

      As an entrepreneur you find a problem, and the provide the solution.


      It's simple….

      The very basics of economic exchange is providing value for the
      money spent, and it works that way for your job as well.

      Look, I am not an championing for jobs in anyway, or even debating
      whether companies are right or wrong, but being a business
      owner, I know that I will pay somebody in direct proportion to the
      value that the market determines. If I choose to pay less then I
      risk that person going somewhere else where they will pay more.

      One of the greatest and most noble professions on the planet are
      teachers. Teachers hold great value in terms that they affect our
      children, and do a great job with it in general, but guess what?
      The market doesn't pay them that well because that is what the
      market determines. Do I think they should be paid more? Hell yeah!
      But guess what, the market doesn't think so, so I am overruled.

      Let me put it another way. Why would you pay more for a diamond
      as opposed to a cubic zirconia? They look the same, but the value
      is different, therefore you pay more for the diamond.

      What Eric is sharing in this post is simple, if you want more, you
      must become more. If you are at a place and you feel you are worth
      more than you are being paid, then go and get what you think you
      are worth. But, if the market is not willing to pay you what you
      think you are worth, then its time to find a new profession.

      The truth is, in the world today, the marketplace is changing and
      at a rapid pace, and those that don't change with it, are going to
      be left in the dust. In todays market, if you want more you MUST AND
      I MEAN MUST become more and provide more value than the other guy.

      I am not going to debate you on the costs of healthcare and all that
      stuff, because I agree, its way out of whack, but in order to survive,
      and take charge of your future, you must adapt. Failure to do that,
      will result in constant struggle like we are seeing today.

      You rock man, I appreciate you bud, and thanks for reaching out!

      Mark Harbert

    • What value do you bring to the marketplace?

    • Mark Harbert

      Is that a trick question Rich??? LOL

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