Let’s take care of one thing right off the bat in this post. 

For every so-called “guru” out there saying that blogging is dead and a waste of time, there are 100's of others out there crushing it with a blog. 

Blogging has only gotten bigger and better since I started pumping out blog content back in 2008.

“80% of internet users interact with both social media sites and blogs.” ~ DemandMetric.com

And an even more important stat for YOU…

“Companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don't blog.” ~ DemandMetric.com

The truth is that you should be glad that there are people out there spreading this rumor, and even more glad that people are believing it. 

Because it just makes your job easier. 

Although, when you do things the right way, you virtually don’t have to worry at all about competition. In fact, in some ways, your competition can become your best allies. 

Want immediate proof that blogs are more relevant NOW than ever online? 

Go ahead and Google “How to _______.” 

You can fill in the blank with just about anything you want, and chances are probably half (if not more) of the results that you  get back on the first page will lead you to a blog post. 

I rest my case. That’s the end of this blog post. 

Just kidding. Let’s keep going so you can find out how to quickly and easily get into the game of blogging…or boost the results of any blog you already have! 

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3 Reasons You Need to Start Blogging Now 

#1: A Blog Gives You Credibility and Authority with Your Audience

In a sense, blogs have become the new print book in many ways. 

One of the biggest reasons most business owners or entrepreneurs write a book is to become an immediate expert. (at least in their audience’s mind!) 

Well, a blog can do the same thing. And it’s a lot easier to get a blog up than land a book deal. 

You see, when someone lands on your blog… it almost immediately gives you a quick bump in credibility. It makes your visitor immediately say “Oh this person must know what the heck they’re talking about.”  

Once they read your post, and you’ve helped them out in some way, and given them value, then they begin to like and trust you! And they REALLY see you as an expert and credible authority. 

See how that works? 

#2: You Can Get Endless Leads  from Your Blog 24/7

Once you’ve created valuable posts, then it’s really not hard for someone to make a decision to subscribe to your list. 

In their mind, if you’ve already given that much value in your post, how much more will they receive once they’re on your list…being sent helpful value all the time. 

Here’s the cool part…. 

Your blog never sleeps. It’s there, waiting to be found 24/7 by your visitors. Think of each post as a salesperson out there, continually attracting quality traffic. 

And then multiply that by as many posts as you can create and imagine what happens to your business! 

#3: “The Internet is Forever” 

To steal from the great Brad Paisley, “Let’s all sing together, the internet is forever!” 

Of course in that song he’s giving a humorous warning to his listeners that the stupid things you post will always be there to haunt you at anytime.

However, it works in your favor the other way too.  

Because it’s out there forever!  Which means it means that you can generate leads, sales, and sign-ups for YEARS after you’ve created a post. 

In fact I still have blog posts generating income from over 5 years ago. 

Now Imagine what happens when you have built your blog up to hundreds or even thousands of posts. 

What Kind of Content Should You Add to Your Blog? 

This is the part of blogging that delays people starting the most. “What do I write about?”

The sad part is that the answer is very simple. Write about what YOUR target market wants to know. 

How do you find out what your target market wants to know? 

  • What questions do your prospects and customers ask you? 
  • What questions do they ask in Facebook groups, in their posts, or in comments? 
  • What do other leaders in your niche blog about, or post about? 
  • What questions do people ask in forums like Reddit?
  • What do people complain about when it comes to books on Amazon in your niche? (a.k.a. What’s missing?) 
  • What are YouTubers making videos about in your niche? And what questions do people ask in the comment sections of those videos? 

Knowing what YOUR target market’s wants, needs, and desires is the key to having a blog that attracts those exact people to you! And it just so happens that the list above is exactly how you find that out. 

Now you can see how writing a blog post that tackles each of these questions from all of those places can help you easily build an invaluable asset for your business! 

One that alone can help you create a $6-figure empire! 

How to Create the Type of Blog Posts That People Want to See

Okay so now you know how to find WHAT to blog about. But you’re probably also sweating about whether or not you can write a post that people will read. 

Here’s an easy way to get started. 

Steps to Creating a Blog Post That Your Visitors Will Love (Even if You Don’t Consider Yourself a Writer!) 

Step 1: Hook Them with a Good Headline! 

While we talk about the “Hook” in videos, its also the same way you want to hook people for your blog post as well.

We can go all day on this, but here’s the simplest way to create great blog post titles. 

Simply create “How to” headlines. 

“How to __________.” What’s in the blank? The benefit that your visitor will get once they read the post, and do what it says.

  • “How to lose 10 pounds before summer” 
  • “How to close new prospects into your opportunity” 
  • “How to get rich with bitcoin” 
  • “How to stop back pai”n that keeps you up at night.”

Of course you can add variations to this type of headline. 

  • “The Best Way to __________”
  • “10 Steps to _________” (People LOVE list posts btw) 
  • “How I _________”  (This can be a great “story post” which people also love) 
  • “The 10 steps I used to _______” (Now you just combined those above for a solid 1-2 punch) 

If you’re just getting started, you can start using headlines like that right away, and you’ll crush it. 

Step #2: Create an Intro to Your Post That Will Keep Your Visitor Reading

So the thing that people don’t realize about a headline, is that it’s only to get people reading the first line or paragraph of your blog post. 

That means your first line must do the job of keeping them reading further down. 

The easiest way for a beginner to do that consistently right out of the gate (without getting too fancy) is to simply Tell Them What You’re Gonna Tell Them! 

There are tons of ways you can start an article or blog post. But if you’re just starting and want the easiest route, simply tell your reader what you’re about to tell them. 

“I’m about to tell you how to __________” 

“Your about to find out how I __________” 

Again that blank must be the benefit or solution that they’re looking for. 

An easy alternative if you want to mix it up a bit is to call out their problem right away. 

“If you’ve got excruciating back pain, the kind that keeps you up at night, I’m about to tell you about the solution I found by accident” 

“Does your back pain keep you up at night? I’m about to tell you how to fix it in 5 easy steps” 

See this isn’t hard at all is it? 

Step #3: Tell Them! 

This is the easy part. In the main body of your blog post, you just tell them what you just promised. 

“Here are the 5 Steps I Took to ________” And then just lay it all out in a conversational tone so you keep them interested and don’t bore them. 

Step #4: Close You Blog Posts by Telling Them What You Just Told Them! 

Sounds ridiculous right? But it works like a charm. 

“Let’s Recap What You Just Found Out About __________” 

“Here’s What You Now Know About _________ That Most People Don’t” 

And then quickly do a recap that summarizes what they just read in a few sentences. 

Step #5: Call to Action! 

Here’s where most people completely miss the boat. They do all that work to provide value for their reader, but forget about the pay off for themselves. 

Let’s face it, you don’t start a blog to just have fun and blog (unless you do, then that’s cool too.)

But if you’re reading this you probably want to get fresh leads daily, and turn a profit with your blog. 

The truth is people usually won’t do anything, unless you tell them what to do. 

Simply tell them what to do with a Call-to-Action

“If you loved this post, I’ve got tons of other tips for _________. Simply go HERE and leave me your name and email address and I’ll start sending them to you” 

“Want more tips on how to __________? Click HERE NOW and I’ll Send You a Downloadable 5 Point Checklist” 

This is how you build your leads list. 

You can drive people to offers where they pay for a solution, however the problem with that is once they’re gone from your blog, they might be gone for good. 

If you get them to subscribe to your list, then they’re YOUR lead and you can drive them anywhere you want forever. Or as some more crass marketers say “Until they buy or die” lol 

The Easiest Way Ever to Create Blog Posts! 

So as a video marketer I’d be doing a huge disservice by not adding this part. 

One of the fastest ways to create quality blog posts is to simply Vlog! 

A Vlog is simply a video blog. 

When you do this you can basically do everything mapped out above by simply talking in a video. That makes it easy and you can do it quickly. 

Then simply pay someone on Fiverr or even your kid to transcribe the video, and summarize for your post. This way you’ve got a better chance of Google picking it up in their search engines. 

HUGE TIP: Or better yet, with AI tools like ChatGPT you can take your transcript and then run it through ChatGPT to make the transcript read more like an article. This is not only extremely powerful, its also a massive time saver.

When you post both a video and an article… those who want to read can, and those who prefer videos can watch your video as well. This makes creating blog posts super easy! 

Now That You Know How to Grow Your Business with a Blog, What Do You Do Next? 

Simple. It’s time to start blogging for your business. 

You can create a WordPress blog for free, where all you need is hosting. WordPress gives you themes to add to your blog to make it look like an actual blog, and away you can go with what you’ve learned above. More is coming on that.

Additional Resources

✅ Bluehost Hosting - Learn More Here

When setting up your blog you have to have a host to put your site on. Bluehost is one that many of my students have had great success with and it has a great reputation for customer service. It's also very low cost. My other two options are LiquidWeb and SiteGround

✅ OptimizePress Funnel Builder – Learn More Here

By far the best WordPress theme and funnel builder on the market. It's meant for marketers because it's created by marketers. It gets my highest recommendation and I use it on all my personal sites.

✅ Aweber Autoresponder - Learn More Here

Building an email list is ESSENTIAL to the longevity of your online business. If you are not sure where to start in the online marketing game, this is for sure the first tool you should invest in for your business. Aweber is considered the industry standard.

You rock,

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