Everybody wants success right?

The truth is, we all have a different view of what success is and what constitutes being successful.

Over the years I have seen many people come online to market and they fall into a trap of thinking that they don't have any successes so why would someone follow them.

They also believe that their successes aren't big enough to make an impact on the marketplace so why share it.

Do you do this?

I have found when this happens what people are doing is comparing the best of some online leader with the worst of themselves.

It's an apples to oranges comparison and its not a smart thing to do as it can hold you back in a major way.

One of the greatest things you can do is celebrate your successes no matter how small you think they might be.

No matter how small or insignificant you might think your successes are, almost always there is someone out there who hasn't accomplished what you have.

In today's video I explain this more in depth for you to understand.

If you get value from this video please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

I also talked about this on my daily wake up call / podcast.

You can listen below…


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    6 replies to "The Biggest Mistake Many Online Marketers Make"

    • Terry Neraasen

      Well done Mark Harbert. I for one diminish my accomplishments in the way you describe. Gotta stop looking for perfection and comparing my worst to the best of the best. Thanks.

    • Mark Harbert

      Awesome Terry. Glad you enjoyed it. And please let me know how things go for you bud. 😉

    • Hi Mark, thanks for that post and that video-it seems to come at a opportune time when some of the big marketers are creating buzz again about building your list. Speaking of building your list by creating a document to give away, I created a document showing people how to associate their website to their YouTube Channel in just 27 steps so they can get viewers to their offer. I am celebrating the success because I took a personal cheat sheet and developed a fully functioning document people can download. Check it out: http://youtu.be/BuCID7G2H3Q

    • Andre Catnott

      I use to be that person, but people got to understand and ask themselves what did that person went thru to get where they are today.

      But we all have some type of success and people are always hungry for information. Doesn't matter how big or small it is share it!

      Thanks Mark 🙂

    • Steve Stark

      Great post Mark! I have certainly had these feelings as I watch top earners and see their incredible results. My motto is "Am I better than I was yesterday, last week, last month." I focus on comparing my own results. Helps me stay positive for sure. Thanks Mark.

    • Jeff Silber

      What a great video. Really puts things in different perspective for me. There are gold nuggets buried in all my notes. Thanks Mark!

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