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First, let's talk about web traffic real quick. What happens when a visitor comes to your website?

For instance, if you did some work to rank a blog post in Google for certain keywords, and someone happened to find it in a search… what happens once they get to your site?

Well… they'll probably read your blog post. Or at least skim through it.

Now let's say you were savvy enough to insert some links to products or an opportunity that compliments the topic of the blog post or article.

Stats prove that only a tiny percentage of visitors will actually make a purchase from that link the first time. Maybe 3% (and that's being VERY generous!)

Which means that 97% or more of your traffic just clicks away, not buying.

And here's some tough truth that might hurt a bit. Even if you have amazing content that they love, chances are that once they click away on their own…they won't be back.

What If You Had Simply Given Them a Chance to Get a Free Gift… In Exchange for Their Name and Email Address?

If you'd done that, you could quickly skyrocket your chances to get a sale or a sign-up. (a.k.a. Conversion rate!)

Because through email, sending them valuable content, you would be able to build up the ‘know, like, & trust' factors that cause people to buy from you! So over time, that 3% can go up to as high as 25% – 35% or more!

So here's where it gets fun.

How Building an Email List Can Give You an Immediate Rise in Income!

Let's say you're getting 100 visitors a month, and you're selling a product on your site for $100 profit.  And through email marketing, you increase your conversion rates from 3% to even a conservative 15%.

You've just given yourself a $1200+ a month raise.

And don't forget, using a tool called an auto-responder, those emails can be set to go out automatically! You just plug them in once, and it's virtually hands-free.

“But I'm Building a List On Facebook Through My Fan Page!” (The Asset That's Not YOUR Asset!)

Don't get me wrong, if you're getting fans on Facebook, keep doing that. It's a great thing.

However plain and simple, you don't truly own your Facebook fans. And even your “fans” on Facebook are not YOUR leads.  Those leads belong to good ole Zuck! (And that dude already has enough money!)

On the flipside, your email list is YOUR asset.

In other words, if the powers that be at Facebook get cranky, and decide that you're a spammer because you own a home business, there go your leads. All of them! But nobody can take your email list away from you!!

It's YOUR asset, and when used correctly, your cash cow!

Email Lists Are Much More Responsive Than Facebook “Leads” or Twitter “Leads”!

Others may try to convince you otherwise, but people STILL love getting emails. And they open them! Especially from people who give them value. People like YOU who send them emails that entertain them, and show them how to better their lives.

And while their FB feed is constantly cycling, an email coming through is personal. It's directed specifically to them. And they're much more likely to ACT ON IT!!

Bottom line!! Start building a list, start building it FAST and BIG, and start building it NOW!!

In todays video I expand out on this and give you a few more tips.

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You rock,

Mark Harbert

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