Email Marketing and Why Using Social Media Alone Is Very Dangerous For Your Business

With all the new online marketing messenger tools like Facebook Messenger, ManyChat, Twitter messaging, Instagram, SnapChat, etc… it can be easy to think of email as the red-headed stepchild of online communication.

You’ve probably noticed that people are often trying to dissuade you from email. Often so that you’ll buy their courses on using the tools above for your business. You’ve likely heard all the reasons they give…

  • Open rates are low.
  • Click thru rates are even lower
  • Spam filters are too tight
  • Nobody checks email anymore
  • Etc

The fact is that the majority of people still check their email throughout the day.

And whether your email gets opened, or your links get clicked is more up to you than anything else.

It’s up to you to study, test, and write subject lines that get opens and pass spam filters.

It’s up to YOU to create calls to action that earns the click. To use an email format that keeps people reading. To use words within the email that don’t trigger spam filters.  And of course, write copy that creates curiosity and intrigues your leads to want to know more.

We’ll give you some tips to make that happen in just a minute.

But first…. Let’s dig into the one simple (but very important) reason that you’ll want to start (and keep) growing your email list today!

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The #1 Reason Building an Email List Is a MUST?

You Own Your Email List.

Social Media Sites Own Your List on THEIR Platform!

Read that sentence above until you’re blue in the face. Because if you don’t understand it, it can cause you to lose one of the most valuable assets in your business… overnight.


Your list is the most valuable asset your business has. Actually two lists. Your CUSTOMER list is #1, since getting someone to buy from you again is much easier than getting a first time customer.

Then your leads list is #2! These are the people showing very high interest in your offers. The people most likely to buy.

Without these lists, you really don’t have a business. At least not a profitable one.

So why would you ever want to put that in the hands of any third party, who owns it, and can take it away from YOU whenever they want.

What do these businesses have in common?…

  • Facebook
  • ManyChat
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

The one thing that they all have in common (unless your name is Mark Zuckerberg for at least two of them) is that YOU don’t own or control those businesses.

Which means any list you build on their platform could disappear at the drop of a hat.

Heck one of Facebook’s 25,000+ employees could wake up in a bad mood, not agree with something you posted and shut you down. It happens all the time.

And there’s nothing you can do about it because they own your list.

Social Media Sites Change Rules

What if you follow the rules? That’s great you absolutely should. However social media sites are notorious for changing the rules.  

For example in the past year or so, both Twitter and Instagram have made some tools such as those made to follow and unfollow obsolete. That strategy was big for a ton of people marketing on those platforms.

Therefore they had to change their game. And not everyone came away unharmed.

The rules are their rules. They own the platform, they make the rules, and they own your list.

Your Email List Is YOUR List!  

Is email as effective as it used to be? Depends on who you ask.

For some no, it’s gone downhill quite a bit. But usually, those are the people who haven’t learned to roll with the punches in their businesses.

For others, they continue to not just survive with email marketing…but their businesses THRIVE with it.

When done right, email marketing still works like gangbusters.

= => How to Easily Automate Sales and Sign-Ups with Email Marketing!

Email IS still king because YOU own the kingdom!

Should You STILL Be Building a List on Social Media Platforms Such As Facebook or ManyChat?

Now with all the above being said, you probably think I’m bashing these other platforms.

And nothing could be further from the truth. I LOVE THEM!

The truth is that the more ways you can reach out to your audience, and engage with them, the better.

Facebook Messenger and ManyChat are awesome in many ways for connecting. There’s a lot more freedom, open rates are still very high, as is click-thru rates. However, your goal should always be to get these people over to your email list.

Your email list is the solid foundation of your income. All the other platforms are just gravy!

3 Quick & Easy Tips to Increase Your Email Effectiveness

If you’re worried about email marketing not being as effective, then let’s just go over some quick tips to make it effective…and stay that way. Stuff you can pay attention to starting today, that will make your email marketing stand out.

#1: Make Sure Your Email Gets Delivered!

The biggest reason that people don’t open your emails these days… is because they don’t get them. Not in their primary email box at least.

Spam filters are pretty brutal these days. There are tons of lists chock full of words to avoid (Google it).  But let’s face it… we’re marketers. We’re going to use those words and phrases now and then or we can’t get our point across to create interest and desire.

It would take an entirely new blog post to go over all the words, and how to get away with using them. But to make this brief…

A good rule is that if you think it might trigger the spam filters, it probably will. If it sounds salesy and spammy to you, it probably is.

Sure, you can play with certain words by using periods in between letters, and spaces.

However, the BEST way to ensure your email is opened is to have people either reply back to you or to whitelist you.

How do you do that? ASK them. Give them a reason to reply. Ask them to answer a question. Ask for their opinion. When they reply to your email, that tells the servers that your emails are important to them. They’ll begin to deliver more of your emails.

And of course, if they whitelist you, this is total permission to get into their inbox!

#2. Get Your Subject Line Right!

Nothing happens unless your email gets opened right?

The words you use in your subject line is what makes people want to open or not.

For brevity, we’ll give you the easiest hack for this.

Curiosity + Benefit! (It’s that simple.)


“The quickest formula EVER to get emails opened!”

“How did she lose 5 pounds this week?”

“The secret to getting 6 pack abs while you sleep?”

There are plenty of other formulas, but the above could work forever all by itself.

Let people know that the solution for the result they want is inside the email, and peak their curiosity just enough to get them to want to know more!

#3. The Secret to Almost FORCE Prospects to Read Your Email (and Click Your Link!)

Of course, by force I mean to make your email so compelling that they can’t resist reading all the way through.

The #1 way to do this is with STORY!

People can’t resist stories. The more you can tie an INTERESTING story (doesn’t even have to be about you) to your product, the more chance you have of getting them to click your link!

So there you go! If you use the 3 tips above, you’ll have more effective emails, and will be able to ward off some of the biggest problems that your competition is facing with their emails.

Don’t Ever Let Anyone Talk You Out of Building an Email List for YOUR Business!

Until Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform lets you own the list you build on their platform…there’s simply no alternative.

And that’s fine because email marketing (when done right) is one of the most profitable elements of your business. Period! 

Now go build YOUR list!

You rock,

Mark Harbert

PS: Looking For Some More Resources To Help You Start Building Your Email List? Check Out The Resources Below…

Additional Resources For Building Your Business

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If you are doing any type of online marketing you MUST have an autoresponder. Building an email list is ESSENTIAL to the longevity of your online business. Social Media is an amazing way to build your business, however, you don’t own your friend list or your followers. If you are not sure where to start in the online marketing game, this is for sure the first tool you should buy.

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Email marketing secrets is a mini done for you course where I give you some of my best email marketing templates and resources. This training course includes a 53-minute training video showing you how to dominate with email marketing. I also give you my 10 best email campaigns so you can copy and paste them into your autoresponder for maximum results.

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