The best possible thing you can put into practice for your business is that of Business Responsibility!

You can get all the training in the world, all the keys to building a thriving business, how to build your business in every way imaginable, but if you don’t get your mindset correct, none of that will matter.

Success in business hinges on one thing, and that is your ability to get better at what you do, develop your skills, and your ability to improve yourself in handling and building your business each and every day.

The first thing that you must do is to take full responsibility for your actions and not blame anybody else if you are not having success.

Business responsibility is taking your business serious, working hard to accomplish your goals, never blaming others for a lack of success, and never quitting!

The success of your business is based squarely on your decision to take ownership of your enterprise, and how you approach it is what makes all the difference in the world.

You see most people in network marketing have never had a business before, they have never had to take full business responsibility for their success because the business plan, and the direction of the company was always taken care of by someone else.

business responsibility

Most people just go where they are told, do the job they were hired to do, and go home. That's why there must be a shift in your thinking if you want to be successful in your own business. You must take yourself from the employee mindset, to the business responsibility and business owner mindset.

This transition is not always easy, in fact it can be down right hard and difficult for most without a solid commitment, but if you want time and freedom, than this a necessity that must take place between your ears.

When I first started in network marketing about 8 years ago, I was naive in thinking that I didn’t need to develop myself. But just like any career, its imperative to get better, increase your personal value to others and stay tapped into the latest marketing resources and training available.

I have since learned that taking business responsibility is the only way I was going to succeed in anything that I set out to do business wise.

Personal development and responsibility is not a chore, it's not something that should be burdensome.

It is really just taking a good hard look at yourself, and being honest with yourself on where you lack, and where you need to get better. It doesn't mean you're a bad person, it just means getting clear on where improvement can happen.

You must align yourself with others who have gone before you and have been successful. When you do this, the strength of the one can pull you up to new heights.

Associations are everything in terms of success in anything you do in life. My favorite book, The Bible, shows us that association makes all the difference in how we live our life.

1 Corinthians 15:33 (Revised Standard Version)
Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”

There is a saying, and it goes like this: “If you hang around 5 broke people, you are bound to be the 6th”

Basically what that means is that, you are the combined average of the 5 people you hang out with the most. If the five people you hang out with the most are all broke, you will be too.

If you hang out with 5 people who have no ethics, guess what? Your ethics (if you have some. lol) will begin to go down the tube as well.

On the other hand, if you hang out with five people who are rich and who conduct business with ethics you are bound to be rich also just from association.

You must learn to adapt your thinking patterns to those who are successful, and then align yourself if you want to be successful yourself.

A good place to start would be to do a vision statement like I have here on my blog. A vision statement can help you clearly define who you are what you want to become.

After making your vision statement, take the time to review where you are lacking, and come up with a game plan to get better in that area.

So in conclusion…….

Business responsibility is the name of the game when you're seeking success!

Business responsibility is the only way an entrepreneur can ensure he/she is successful in their business!

Business responsibility is associating with like-minded people who can pull you up to new heights of success and moral character!

Now it's your turn, tell me how important do you think it is to take responsibility for your business by leaving a comment below!

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    11 replies to "Business Responsibility Is The Key To Success In Network Marketing"

    • Hey Mark,

      I can’t agree more with you. We take control of our life and destiny, stopping giving ourselves excuses. Majority of the people tend to come out with tons of excuse when they have set back, either blaming their partner, their friends, their cats, etc…It’s all other people fault but not theirs…

      The key to succeed in any field is to have the right mindset, the entrepreneur mindset where we practise kaizen (continuous improvement) everyday.


    • Ryan Biddulph

      Taking full responsibility for your life, including your business, is the only way to be free of the habit of blame. Super points Mark. With this responsibility comes freedom, for you will never blame a person or conditions again, keeping you free of the chains irresponsible people place on themselves by blaming.

    • Hi Mark,
      Love this post!!! Taking responsibility for your own business is the most important aspect of running an entrepreneur.
      The other part I enjoyed reading is the self development aspect. It takes something like ten thousand hours to master something and most people think it is going to happen over night.
      I just wrote an article on this subject and would encourage everyone to read it..

      I am glad you stayed in the game and now contributing to others. That’s what it is all about

      best wishes,

    • Love this post Mark! Kind of convicting, but in a great way! We know there are certainly things we can improve upon and agree with you 100% that it’s necessary to do such. Upon reading, Dani Johnson’s book, “First Steps to Wealth”, she talks about having an employee-preneurship mentality. How if you prosper where you are, you will be given ruler of much more. Everyone definitely needs to take accountability in their business. Never place blame, just fix it and keep swimming! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Sherman Smith

      Hi Mark,

      You are right on point when it comes to taking responsibility for your business. The transition from employee to entrepreneur can be challenging, but as long as you do what is required, like being around those who have what you want, then you’ll develop a stronger attraction to success in that area! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Mark!
      You’re very right about taking full responsibility for your business. But people should take responsibility not only for busines but also for all the actions and the words they do or pronounce. And we should stop blaming others. If you want to do something well do it yourself) Thanx for sharing.

    • John

      I am glad that I am in good company. It is amazing how contagious our friends goals can be and right now we are all trying to reach prosperity. I like the advices you provided on having business responsibility. I witnessed a lot of people who blame everyone except themselves and end up not improving as well as moving forward. I agree that we should accept some of our faults and make an effort to change or improve ourselves.

    • Aki Wood

      Good stuff Mark. I met you on FB the other day, saw you had a blog and thought I would check it out.

      You’re absolutely right. A business is a business, period. Hit me up sometime; it’s nice connecting with you.


    • Dave Sabados

      Very true. A lot of people blame others for their setbacks and won’t take responsibility for themselves. I have spent 26 years in the military and have seen much of this. Great post.

    • Kevin Thornely

      Network Marketing is increasing rapidly now-a-days and it is very important to understand each and every responsibility if you want to succeed in this.
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    • Ernest

      Greetings from Los angeles! I’m bored at work so I decided to browse your website on my iphone during lunch break, but great post Mark!. I enjoy the information you give here. Amazing blog and great article on taking responsibility!

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