We’re told over and over again that we should be building a list and growing a social media following. And that’s absolutely true. 

However, what most people leave out is the part that you’re building your list and audience for. To get sales and sign-ups right? If you’ve got a business, you’ve got to close people. 

You must get paid! 

Of course, one way to close more sales (especially in the beginning) is to actually get on the phone with people and close them. But some people simply aren’t great on the phone. And when you’ve already grown a list and built a following this would take up tons of time.

By learning to close sales through emails and social media like you’re about to find out in this post… you’ll be able to start closing sales on a mass scale and get tons of people joining or buying at once. 

So let’s jump in…

The #1 Thing That Keeps People from Getting the Sale! 

A majority of the people who are not closing as many sales as they want, are simply afraid to ask for the sale. That fear is what’s keeping most people broke. 

They don’t present offers because they’re afraid that people will unsubscribe from their list. Or they’re afraid that they’ll unfollow them. 

And if you’re making that mistake, you can bet that your business will never be as successful as you’d like. Sure you might get an accidental sale now and then. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But you don’t want to be the broken clock do you? 

The Real Reason You’re Afraid to Ask for the Sale! 

It’s time to dig deep into your relationship with money. If you’re afraid to present an offer that asks someone to give you something of value (money), for the value that you’re providing them (product or service)…

…Then it’s a problem that has to do with YOU and your inner game. Your worthiness to receive money. Or perhaps the way you were raised when it comes to money. Or the false belief that “Money is the root of all evil!” (You’ve gotta read the whole passage!) 

In fact, if you’re broke, or struggling financially right now, getting your relationship with money straight might be the most important thing you do for your future wealth. 

If you listen to the media, or 99.9% of the people in your life, then you live in a world of haves and have-nots. A world of lack and scarcity. “The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.” 

But it has more to do with people’s attitude toward money than it does with the way society is set up. Because the truth is money is an abundant resource on earth. It’s an energy more than a physical thing. And that energy flows to those who have a healthy relationship to it. 

Rich people simply have a better relationship with money than you do! 

Understand if you’re providing or promoting valuable info or products that someone can use to better their lives (make more money, grow their business, enjoy more freedom, better their health, etc)… 

…They’ll actually have no problem paying you for that information or product. Especially if you’ve developed know, like, and trust through your emails or social posts. 

The best part about using email and social media is that you simply have to pre-sell and get people to click over to the link where the offer is made for your product or opportunity when promoting.

And that’s what you’ll find out how to do in the rest of the article. 

 Before You Can Close a Sale, You Must Get Them to See YOUR Message!  

No matter how great your product, service, or opportunity is, if people don’t see your message that tells them about it…there’s no chance they’ll buy it. At least not from YOU. 

This means you must get your emails and posts read FIRST.  And to do that you need a good headline. 

Now with emails, we’re talking about a subject line that gets their attention out of all the emails in their inbox. With social media it’s about grabbing their attention with a good headline. 

Both of these need only two things to be effective. Those two things are a BENEFIT (what will it do for them), and CURIOSITY (the how-to when it comes to getting that benefit.) 

You don’t need to get too fancy or even creative if you have those two things. 

In other words tell them what opening the email, or reading the post will get them…but leave out the HOW! That’s the part they have to find out once they read the email. 

Curiosity is a huge driving factor in getting someone to take action. And the action you want them to take is to read your email or your social post. People can’t help but know what’s going to happen next. 

Ever sit and watch a crappy movie until the end just because you had to know what was gonna happen. 

Now if that curiosity has to do with some benefit they’re looking for (which is why you need to understand your target market’s wants and desires)… then opening or reading is a no-brainer.

But then you’ve got to get them to keep reading to get to the click in an email, or call-to-action (CTA) in a social post. 

QUICK SIDE NOTE: A big part of building enough trust so people will buy, is balancing your emails and posts with the right amount of value vs. promotion. If you do nothing but promote without value you’ll never build a relationship and therefore TRUST with your audience. 

It should be about 80/20 with 80% value and 20% promotion. 

This is not a hard and fast rule, and you should test different ratios for YOUR audience. But that’s a good place to start! and pretty much every email or post should provide value even when pitching.

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YOUR NEXT STEP: Go Out There and Boost Your Sales TODAY! (See what I did there?) 

You now know the steps. It’s up YOU to put it in action with your next email or social post. 

Leave a comment below with any questions you have about this process! (See what I did there? 😉 

You rock,

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