When it comes to closing the sale, most people have a panic attack.

Once you’ve done your presentation, or have taken someone through your funnel online, do you ask them to pull the trigger and purchase? If so, are you getting the results you want?

Because let’s face it unless you’re closing (and earning) you really don’t have a business. You started this journey so that you can earn money and create financial freedom right? (Nod yes)

So it’s important that you learn to close people into your opportunity and products.

The Great Thing? Closing the Sale Is Not As Hard As You’re Making It!

First of all, I must reiterate this again so it’s crystal clear. Everything that you’re about to learn works better when you’re talking to the right person in the first place.

That’s why it’s important to know how to pull in high-quality and qualified leads!

If you don’t get that right, then you’re already swimming against the tide.

Second you want to make sure that your sales presentation is up to par. To be honest, you don’t have to be perfect here, but if you can focus on getting them to see the benefits of your opportunity or product during your presentation (not just the features), and preferably through storytelling so it really sinks in…

Then they’ll obviously be much more primed to whip out their credit card when it’s time to close the sale!

Of course, that makes total sense, but that doesn’t mean that people will take the time to sharpen up their presentation. Don’t make that mistake.

We want to make this as easy, and frankly enjoyable as possible.

Okay, it’s time to get to the good part. It’s time to close the deal and get paid!

6 Questions to Close the Sale Faster and Easier!

Don’t forget that humans are human. So these six questions work whether you’re prospects are in the U.S., Mexico, China, or any other country you can think of! (As long as they can understand what you’re saying ?)

Question #1: “What did you like BEST?”

So simple, yet soooo powerful!

Ever get to the end of a presentation and ask “So what did you think?”

Do you notice that you find yourself nervous and almost cringing while waiting for the answer? That’s because you’ve just asked a question that could get a negative response you don’t like.

Isn’t it better to ask a question that makes people have to choose from the positive things that they got from your presentation?

That’s exactly what the question “What did you like best?” forces them to do.

And the best part…their answer will tell you where to focus the rest of the conversation. If they like the idea of residual income for instance, you can really turn up the heat in that direction. If time freedom is their main concern, you can spell out all the great benefits of achieving that.

You get the idea.

Question #2: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how interested are you in [Your Product or Opportunity].”

Most people will try to guess at the interest their prospect has instead why not just eliminate the whole guessing game and just ask?

When you do, you’ll notice that you get a lot of mid number answers. 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, etc. Safe middle-of-the-road type answers.

This is good, because now after question #1, and knowing exactly where they stand, and with question #2, you know exactly how to steer the conversation and which hot buttons to push.

What if it’s a 1 or 2?

If you get a 1, it probably means you won’t get very far with this prospect. But not necessarily!

If they’re on your email list, and they haven’t unsubscribed, then you never know. They may heat up. Or a situation might change in the future where they’re more open to it.

But don’t give up if it’s a 2 or 3. This may just mean that they’re simply not ready YET, or that they have some question or objection that YOU simply haven’t answered.

That’s why we keep digging with question #3…

Question #3: “Based on what you know now… how much money would you need to make per month for this to be worth your time?”

The big mistake that people make at this point is to TELL the prospect how much money that they COULD make. They do so figuring they might persuade them into joining because of that goal.

However, this once again leaves you guessing.

Heck, maybe your prospect doesn’t care to make $10,000 a month and would be fine with an extra $1000 per month to pay off some bills or have some extra spending money.

If you use $10K as a persuasion tactic, you could end up going into some unneeded pitch for $10K… when that’s not even what they’re after. Or you could scare them off with such big numbers, that they can’t fully grasp this potential for themselves yet.

If you ask them what their goals are, you can just show them how that’s possible, and how you can help them get there!

Question #4: “How many hours would you be willing to commit to your business to reach your monthly income goal?”

Now that you know how much they want to earn, it’s time to gauge how willing they actually are to put in the work to reach that goal.

The other great thing about this question is that you’re letting them commit verbally to what they’ll do. Commitment is a huge factor in persuasion. A person who commits to something verbally to something will do more to stay consistent in that commitment.

It’s human nature.

Most people will tell their prospect how much they must be willing to do. This can cause resistance.

If they happen to give an answer that doesn’t match their goals, then you can simply adjust either the hours they’d be willing to commit to or their expected income goals.

“I”m sorry, while I understand that you’re busy and already work a full-time job, 2 hours per day isn’t likely to be enough to get you to $10K per month in the next 6 months. However, if you could get in an extra hour and a half in the mornings before work, which turns out to be a 10 ½ hours a week, this could likely get you to about $7K a month within that timeframe.”

Question #5: “How many months can you commit to working this amount of hours?”

There are a couple of important things here with this question.

First of all, when they give you a time-frame, you can let them know right away whether or not that‘s realistic. Also, you can once again gauge their seriousness.

And perhaps most importantly, commitment and consistency come into play again. If they commit to it verbally, they much more likely to stick to what they commit to.

This means that if they’re joining your biz opp, then they’ll likely hang in there longer. Won’t throw in the towel when things don’t exactly go the way they hoped.

Question #6: “If I Could Show You How to Build an Income of _______, working _______hours per a week over the course of _______ months, would you be ready to get started today?”

Basically, you’re simply reiterating what they told you their dreams were, and you’re telling them that you can help them get it.

Remember they already committed to this verbally at this point, now it’s just time to get them to ACTUALLY commit by putting their money where their mouth is. The fact that you went through the questions above, your chances are greater than if you didn’t.

In fact, you could likely be able to quickly increase your closing rate by 10X or more just by switching to this closing technique starting with your next presentation.

Now Go Out There and Start Closing the Sale with Total Confidence!

Before you know it, with just a little practice, you’ll be closing sales and getting consistent signups like a pro!

If you got value from this post leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with your friends.

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      Thank you for your 6 questions and they make sense too

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      I like how the questions led into an actual statement at the end. I’ve used these questions before, without seeing them here first, but never thought to build up an actual closing statement like I got from this. I will surely be trying this, no doubt. I see how it can be very effective. Let them tell you what they want to hear! Great piece Mark, really loved it!

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      These questions not only qualifies the lead but we get know how much efforts we need to take convert the lead. It also helps us understand what pain points our leads have how can close the gaps with our products and services.

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