So you are doing (or are interested in doing) internet marketing to build your business but you're not crazy about creating content right?

Well this weekend I am at a high level mastermind in the mountains of Park City, Utah and I created a video talking about one of the key things that I took away from day one.

If you want some cool content ideas, you can check out my buddy Ray Higdon's virtual summit interviews. I listened to one of the interviews with Mark Hoverson and had a crazy break through.

To access all these interviews, click here to get immediate free access.

    6 replies to "Why You Need To Be Creating Content When Marketing Online"

    • Content Is King ! Ray Higdon has a saying L.D.T… Cash the check's! What does that mean? Well ( Learn Do Teach )… Learn Something, go do it and implement and share the results via blog, video, FB, … ever go to an event and you get pages and pages of notes? Those notes are un cashed checks. Rather then put the notebook on the bookshelf to collect dust, cash those checks! Create the content and share with others what you have learned!

    • Jessica Daniels

      Scott, lol…'s I.L.T. Invest.Learn.Teach 🙂 That's Ray's formula. Yes, totally the secret in this industry!

    • Jessica Daniels

      Love it!

    • I Stand Corrected… lol well at least I made up my own then ! Thanks for the help Jessica I get my acronyms occasionally mixed up… 🙂

    • Dc Wickline

      great thought thx mate

    • Teresa Schimandle

      What a great collection of speakers. Love all the amazing info and inspiration. Thanks Everybody! Mama T

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