In the online marketing and MLM world, we often talk a lot about residual income and automated businesses!

The appeal is to be able to run your business on auto-pilot so that we can do what we want while our business ticks away in the background earning money.

It is a beautiful thing, I must say.

And using an auto-responder… one of the vital tools for list building we talked about in an earlier post… will make both the income and the biz automation possible.

But there are some other very specific benefits of using an auto-responder that you'll absolutely love!

It's not just a list building tool, it's also a business building tool!

The 5 Reasons Why You'll Want to Start Using an Auto-Responder TODAY!

REASON #1: Stay in Front of Your Prospects…

Attention spans have shrunk dramatically. Even if someone becomes a lead, it doesn't mean that they won't forget about you as soon as another shiny object comes around.

So you've got to stay on their radar! And using an auto-responder allows you to do that systematically.

You can load that baby up with 5 to 7 messages, to go out each day, and they'll have no choice but to remember who you are! 😉

Create as long of a series as you want. Heck you could have 365 emails in your auto-responder, going out to your list every single day of the year if you want!


You wanted an online business, so that you could start making money and have more free time.

That's exactly what your auto-responder will do for you.

Imagine having to sit there and write out an email, each and every time someone joined your list. You could never keep up!

Even if you copied and pasted it, you certainly don't want the tiny amount of leads coming in that would allow you to keep up with that!

REASON #3: Get Prospects to Know, Like, and Trust YOU…

They say it takes 5 to 7 “touches” to get someone familiar enough with you to trust you.

Honestly that depends how you bring in your leads. Video marketing is a great remedy for that. But that's a topic for another day.

Either way, the way to get people to join you in their business, or give you their credit card number… is to get them to feel like they KNOW you, get them to LIKE you, and then get them to TRUST you!

An auto-responder makes that process easy and automated, as you can display your VALUE to them over time!

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REASON #4: Create a Series That Promotes ONE Specific Product…

One of the beautiful things about auto-responders is that you can build anticipation and intrigue around a specific product or service that you want to sell.

Are you an affiliate, and you want to promote a certain product for some hefty commissions?

You can build an entire series around that product promoting all the benefits day by day. Dig into your prospect's mind, little by little, until they're literally foaming at the mouth!

REASON #5: Segment Your Lists Separated By Prospects, Buyers, and Special Interests…

Have you ever bought something from a marketer online, and you quickly realize you're still receiving emails promoting that product? It can be pretty annoying.

With some auto-responder services you can segregate your buyers from your prospects who are still sitting on the fence. Or maybe you're entering a new but parallel niche.

You can segment the list members who seem interested in one topic, from the rest of the list!

You can use this feature in a number of different ways, but it keeps your list targeted, and keeps them from getting upset with you. It also gives you the ability to keep them as a customer for a longer period of time!

So there you go! It's time to fire up your auto-responder, and start using it more effectively to boost credibility, recruitment, and of course sells!


There is no doubt that having really good follow up sequence can make a huge impact on your overall sales and prospecting efforts.

The biggest hurdle many people seem to face is that they are not sure where to start when it comes to writing follow up emails and that can be frustrating in and over itself.

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Happy emailing,

Mark Harbert

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