There is one major requirement when stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, and its learning to step outside your comfort zone and remain there on a regular basis.

Many people that start a business of any sort and don't succeed are unwilling to make the changes necessary to see success in their business because making the shift mentally is to hard for them handle.

Adopting the entrepreneur mindset is something that will take work, it will take guts, it will take you looking square in the mirror and saying to yourself “If it's to be, it's up to me”.

There is absolutely nobody that can build your business for you. Not even your sponsor.

You can find great teams of people who can help you, support you, build with you, but they CAN NOT build it for you. There is a BIG difference.

The Entrepreneur Mindset vs. The Employee Mindset

  • The entrepreneur gets paid for production. The employee gets paid for their time.
  • The entrepreneur understands he/she must provide value to the marketplace if they are to make money.
  • The employee knows that when he/she shows up to a job, punches the clock they will get paid for the time he spends working. The entrepreneur knows he may spend a lot of time up front with no pay but in the end he will receive a potential huge reward for his efforts.
  • The employee knows he will get paid the same amount per hour even if he/she works harder than the previous hour. The entrepreneur mindset is opportunity driven while the employee mindset is security driven.
  • The entrepreneur seeks to pay for great training and mentoring, as well develops himself personally, while the employee wants his employer to train him, and pay for it.

The truth is, being an entrepreneur is not easy, in fact it can be flat-out hard and discouraging at times, but the rewards and the payoff are big.

The freedom you can experience is so worth the effort put into it, but the big question is, are you willing to pay the price for that freedom?

Are you willing to adopt the entrepreneur mindset and make changes in your thinking that support that of an entrepreneur lifestyle?


If you are not willing to put in the sacrifice, then keep working as an employee.

Not everybody is cut out to be an entrepreneur and that is fine. Just BE HONEST ABOUT IT!

There is no shame in being an employee or working for someone else. We need employees in this world or businesses all over could not function.

Being an employee is an incredibly honorable thing. One of the major differences between entrepreneurship and working at a job is mindset.

They are two distinct ways of thinking. The biggest thing with having a job is if you choose to continue working a job be content about it.

Don't complain about it, don't complain about it when things don't go your way.

Don't whine that you're not making enough money, or you have a boss that is “treating you wrong”, or you don't deserve this or that, because in the end, you have a choice as to what way you want to go.

Living your life as an entrepreneur has risks and challenges just like any endeavor, but in the end, the freedom to do what you want when you want is amazing.

Entrepreneurs typically love what they do and work incredibly hard to achieve it.

Working long hours is really not a chore but a joy for the entrepreneur.

Do have that in you? Do want to work hard for little pay now, but potentially have huge payoffs later?

If so welcome to club, you are cut out to be an entrepreneur. 🙂

To your success,


Mark Harbert

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    23 replies to "Adopting The Entrepreneur Mindset"

    • Ryan Biddulph

      What we want is just outside of our comfort zone and entrepreneurs need to make this jump on a moment to moment basis, since they are in charge. With this responsibility comes immense freedom, for being the boss of your life is….well….real living 😉



      • Mark Harbert

        Ryan, I couldn’t agree more, it is a moment to moment thing. One of my favorite movie lines comes from Spiderman “With great power, comes great responsibility” That is the life of an entrepreneur. Thanks for stopping by buddy, great to see you.


    • Nicky

      There is a crucial difference to “working from home” for an employer to being a work AT home entrepreneur. BIG difference and one that some people cannot get their heads round.

      Great post Mark!

    • Terry Petrovick

      Great post Mark!

      At this point in my life I’m 100% un-employable.

      I met with a woman today who is in a job she enjoys but know she is limited to earning about $60k/yr. She has a huge heart and big dreams to help teenage girls but the reality is as long as she is in the J.O.B. and working 100% on commission by the way, she will never be able to step into her personal power and create the life she really wants.

      Thanks for sharing man…let’s change the world!


    • Frank J Marino

      Mark, amazing post!! I love that comparison with the employee mindset and the entrepreneur mindset! People need to realize and learn to get out of the comfort zone! Love it!! I love being uncomfortable!

    • Suha Sagban

      Absolutely right, yes-the wake up call! This is a business like any other. I say to my team, imagine you invested 5 Million in this business-not 500, then who would you be?

      Lets get uncomfortable, I love uncomfortable, the zone of ‘uncomfortableness’ is exciting :).

    • Joe Sandy

      Mark, this is a great explanation of the mindset. I haven’t been an employee for years but I’ve had employees. There is a huge difference in the mindset, both positive and negative. I love the analogy of “getting comfortable being uncomfortable.” That is the total key. Thanks for sharing!

    • Penny Turko

      Love your line! => “The entrepreneur mindset is opportunity driven while the employee mindset is security driven.” If we don’t get out or our comfort Zones, we can never move forward! Thanx for a Great POST Mark!

    • Shateeka

      WOw, Wow, WOW…I love all of it…Mark. I am starting my own business now and I needed to hear this for sure….Thank You, and many blessings to you!!! :+)

    • Jared Brown

      Great article. Having the correct mindset is so important towards finanical freedom!

    • Bluesman Of MLM

      This post is just pure value Mark! Love it!

    • Adam

      Hey Mark,

      First visit here. Heard that webinar you did with Brian Cole. Thanks for the killer post. Love the part where you say, “they CAN NOT build it for you.” I am not sure where this handout stuff came from, but it’s so prevalent. Quite disgusting to be honest.

      How long have you been online?

      • Mark Harbert

        Hi Adam,

        Thanks for stopping by buddy. I have been online for over 3 years now, love it! How about you my friend?

        Mark Harbert

    • Mrsn Peterson

      Really enjoyed your video and blog! Such a true testament. It takes works and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Thank you so much. Sometimes we just need these reminders!

    • Mark Harbert

      You got it Nicole Brydson-Peterson. You are one that gets it. If more people would just realize that they need to make changes in their mindset to see success, there would be a lot more success stories. You rock, thanks for stopping by to say hi!!

    • Ken Callender

      I like you. You call a spade a spade. No matter who it hurts the truth is the truth.

    • Mary Vinson

      I have been enjoying your blogs for a while now. I found this video to be real and I am working on an effective way to integrate the notion of discomfort into my training for my team.
      Personally going through major discomfort right now as I learn how to utilize the internet in building my business. Having never been good at “some assembly may be required” I am working at overcoming my “fear” of doing it wrong. Luckily I was able to get some excellent training materials through your MLM website. Thank you for being a leader in our industry.

    • Timothy W. Bethune

      Sometimes it takes a boot in the back side to get it right.

    • Rod Davison

      Mark are you hiring LOL. Seriously, this is a great blog post today, I have no question that I'm made to be an entrepreneur. I have done both sides, owned businesses, managed staff for companies etc and always treated everyone like it was my own business since that is the only way my brain can work.

      Mindset you hear thrown around a lot and might mean something different for different people but it is one thing that will hold you back, once you make that breakthrough watch out. Am I right? It's a constant challenge but you gotta get used to be uncomfortable that is how we grow and progress.

    • Scott Lindstrom

      One of my favorite quotes is " Wages make you a living, but profits will make you a fortune" – Jim Rohn We each are on our own path and journey. It dose not matter how long it takes as long as you cross you'r finish line… Awesome post!

    • Bubbie Gunter

      Awesome Share today Mark. It is always a pleasure to stop by your blog and glean those gold nuggests of yours.

    • Timothy W. Bethune

      Enjoyed this. Makes sence

    • This is an incredible post. Thanks Mark

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