I was just on Facebook recently, and came across an awesome video posted by Tyrese Gibson.

Just in case you don't know. Tyrese Gibson, also known simply as Tyrese, is an American Grammy-nominated R&B singer-songwriter, actor, author, television producer, former fashion model and MTV VJ.

Well, he posted this video to his Facebook timeline, and it gave me freaking goosebumps. So much so that I had to post it here on my blog.

Not only has this resonated with me, but as you can so from the post below, it has resonated with over 46,000 others that have shared it, and 83,000 that have liked it.

Watch it, and let me know what you think in the comments below.


Was that not awesome?

If that made you uncomfortable, you might want to do some hard thinking as to where your mindset is right now.

If you're not where you want to be, it might be because your accepting your own excuses.

It might be because you are listening the those excuses that sound so good to you, but in reality are nothing but a bunch of well crafted lies you're convincing yourself are true.

You want something? GO GET IT!

Stop waiting for someone or something to give it to you, IT WON'T HAPPEN!!!

Nobody will just hand it to you, you have to GO GET IT!!!

The question is…… WILL YOU?

Will you draw your line in the sand and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

If you haven't drawn that line, do it RIGHT NOW!

I appreciate you, and its time to make it happen!

Mark Harbert


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