– The character of a person is defined by how they handle adversity when faced with challenges. This video will help you to understand what you need to do to stay focused.

    6 replies to "What Is Your Reaction When Faced With Challenges?"

    • Kent Smith


      Enjoyed the video. I agree with you in that you have to face your challenges head on. I try to get them resolved at the beginning of the day. If you do that then the rest of the day will be easier for you.


      • Mark Harbert


        Thanks for the comment my friend. Pushing through challenges is so key to this industry, its a guarantee that you will face them, the is just to not give up. You rock my friend.

        Mark Harbert

    • wendell bulbaai

      Hi Mark,

      Great could any network marketer make it without having it?
      Thanks for sharing and now I’m sharing it with others.
      Have a great day

      Wendell Bulbaai

      • Mark Harbert


        You got it my friend. Mindset is everything in this game. You rock my friend! 🙂

        Mark Harbert

    • Barbie

      You are one class Act Mark Harbert! Great Video!!!

      • Mark Harbert


        You are awesome my friend. To me it is always an honor for you to come by and comment on my blog. Thanks so much for your leadership.

        Mark Harbert

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