Video marketing, I love it. If you have followed my content for any length of time, you know I am an avid video marketer because of the power it has in building online.

However, some people don't succeed with it and I believe there is a reason.

They lack genuine excitement and enthusiasm when creating their videos.

That's right. Ask yourself this…

Do you follow leaders or people that lack passion for the direction they are heading in? Probably not.

So why would people follow you if you don't exude that same type of passion and excitement? They probably won't.

So if you are making videos and lacking in the results area, go back and look at your videos and ask yourself if you are really projecting a genuine excitement that will attract people.

Check out my video today and see if it can help you make your videos 1000% more effective.

You rock,

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    6 replies to "Why You Might Be Failing With Video Marketing"

    • Troy Chiasson

      Great advice. Thanks Mark.

    • Stefan Stefanov

      Thanks for that reminder Mark…

    • Nabih Al-Amin

      Great info and visualization technique to use- thank you Mark.

    • Mormo Zine

      Thanks bro. I know you are right but I really struggle with this.

    • LeAnne Rumbel

      Great info, Mark…and Mark, have you seen any of my videos lately? Yup, I'm on a challenge to make videos everyday for the next 90 days….please come join the party over there!

    • Pam Lambert

      Love this, Mark! This is really helpful! I keep doing videos over and over – trying to get them just right – it is a hard thing to do. But I know I can do it and your advice here – "just let it go" – will really help! You're the BEST!! Thanks!

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