Its no secret that over the past week or so I have been talking a lot about John C. Maxwell. The guy is amazing when it comes to leadership and personal development. But another one of my favorites is his book called “Failing Forward”.

I love this book because he talks about how to look at failing from a different perspective. When you actually begin to look at failing from the perspective of a learning experience rather than a big massive blunder that you need to feel bad about, you will start to gain tracktion in your business.

One of the reasons some people never get results in network marketing is because they in analysis mode all the time. Their fear of failing takes over, and every move they make is super calculated. Its very hard to get momentum when you super evaluate every move.

Today on the MLSP wake up call with hundreds of people, I shared on why failing is a good thing.

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    • Enjoy Your Travels

      Love Michael Jordan story of getting knocked down whether it’s from his high school coach to the bulls losing to the Pistons on a number of occasion before winning all this NBA championship. It just goes to show that hard work pays off in the end.

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