When it comes to mixing faith and business there are two schools of thought…

Don't mix them together as you might offend someone… or…

You speak freely about what's important to you. I am in the latter group. If something like faith is important to you and your life don't hide it. You are who you are and who cares if people don't like it.

In this video, I sat down with my good friend Ron Gelok and we talked about Faith, Money, and business and how it all fits from God's perspective.

If you're a person of faith, YOU WILL LOVE THIS VIDEO!

If you're NOT a person of faith, YOU WILL LOVE THIS VIDEO!

There are some great principles Ron and I discuss that you will get value from I promise.

So get your notepad and pen ready, and enjoy the interview.

Did you get value from this video interview? Tell me in the comments below and feel free to share this with anybody you think will get value.

You rock,

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