I just recently did the MLSP wake up call, and my main point was this…

Did you know that what you feed your mind will ultimately determine your success in your business?

Yup its true.

Filling your brain with things that further your life and business is really the so called “secret to success”.

Your mind is like a sponge and even when you're not listening intently to whats going on around you, you are still taking in information. The information you take in even if you are not listening intently is still entering your subconscious mind.

Listening to the TV in the background or listening to negative things like the news, etc. affects your outcomes.

I learned from a mentor of mind years ago, that your mind is like a computer, if you feed it nasty virus laden files, you will put viruses out. Its that simple to understand.

Its like taking a bucket of clean water and pouring dirty water into it. Eventually the dirty water will contaminate the clean completely and very quickly.

In this audio podcast I talk about what and where you can listen to them and get move yourself and business forward so enjoy it!

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    2 replies to "What Are You Feeding Your Mind Everyday?"

    • Christy Stark

      How awesome were you on the morning wake-up? Loved it & you spoke about what I coach about!!! Staying positive & wide-open for success. Great job buddy!

    • Mark Harbert

      YOu so Rock Christy, love it. 🙂

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