There are many things that contribute to the success of someone in this industry.

However there are clearly the fundamentals that are the most important in finding success. There are Five major pieces to life's puzzle that everyone must understand and know if they want to reach their goals and do it with great success.

Just recently I was going back through some wake up calls I did with MLSP back in 2012 and I shared on this exact topic based on a book my Jim Rohn.

Take a few minutes today and listen to this audio, Enjoy it!!!

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    5 replies to "The Five Major Pieces To The Life Puzzle"

    • Jeff Atherton

      Mark, Great book. I just reread that one back in Jan. Nobody says it better than Jim Rohn. That book should be required reading in order to graduate high school.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Hi Mark,

      Great energy on the call! I too like re-reading books as I progress, and you realize…you are reading an entirely different book as your awareness expands. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      How are things in Chile? We are loving Vietnam, spending 3 months here.


    • Brian Fanale

      bro your wake up calls especially recently have been so awesome, and I don't say that lightly… I'm inspired when I listen / re-listen Harbert, keep it up man

    • Mark Harbert

      Thanks B. You rock man.

    • Scott Lindstrom

      Great Book Recommendation! Look at your inside abilities vs oustide factors… it was so cool to Hear the into to Mark back in the day…

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