If you want to be successful building your business online then you have to understand one thing…. ITS ALL MINDSET!

About 95% of everything you do is totally dependent upon how you think and act toward the actions you take.

What is mindset?

Its basically the way you think about your business. Its the way you execute the necessary takes related to achieving your goal.

Mindset is a broad topic but I want to try to narrow it down into 5 basic parts for you so you can see just how important the way you think is related to the success of your business.


There Is Nothing Special About Achievers

Thats right. Most people hold achievers in their niche in high regard by looking at them as untouchable and its simply not true.

Successful people have fears and apprehensions the same way you do… But they do one thing that many unsuccessful people don't do….

They push through those fears and apprehensions until they reach the goal.

Successful people aren't “lucky” they just choose to be successful, there is a difference.

But understand, there is nothing special about them that can't be emulated or done by others, that includes YOU!

You've Got To Think Bigger…. WAY BIGGER!

If you want to achieve your wildest dreams it takes thinking way bigger than what you think now.

To think bigger takes stepping out from the herd and into the world of the unknown at times.

One of my favorite quotes explains it greatly…

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein

An example of thinking bigger is…

Most people would be happy making an additional $500 per month in their business. But they can't envision making $10K per month.

This is usually because they are not thinking big enough.

I believe thinking bigger comes down to really three basic points.

  1. Having Vision – The ability to look beyond your current circumstances
  2. Getting Courage – It takes courage to step out on the vision you have.
  3. Developing a thick skin – When you endeavor to better yourself, others around will express their doubts and apprehensions in an attempt to bring you “Back to reality”. If you are ready for it, you can overcome it.

Focus On Income Producing Activities

Just being busy doesn't mean you are getting any closer to your dreams and goals.

Many people mistakingly think that because they are always on the go or doing something “business related” they are getting closer to their goals.

In your business there really is only a few things that make the difference when making money.

Figure out what those activities are and do them over and over and over.

If you are not sure what they are,  hire a coach or find a mentor that can help you get where you want to be.

You should knock out the most important tasks first thing in the morning that make the most difference in your business.

One of my favorite books on this topic is by Brian Tracey called “Eat That Frog” I highly recommend you pick it up if you haven't already.

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Focus On Solving Other Peoples Problems

Yes thats right.

But you might be thinking…. “Well Mark, I want to solve my own problems first!”

I get that, but entrepreneurship is about solving other peoples problems and that is how you make money.

Find a problem in the marketplace, and fill that need with your product. This is how people make millions even billions as business owners.

Remember this…. Its not about YOU! Its about them. Every person on planet earth speaks one universal language and its called “WIIFM” what that means is “Whats In It For Me?”

People will do business with you when they are confident that you have something to offer them. No other reason.

Do you want to make money? Do you want to build a six figure empire online or offline for that matter?

Then work on solving your markets problems. If you can do that, you can be very successful.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

I remember when I was a kid I was told in school “Get your head out the clouds” but I couldn't, I was always a dreamer.

Even my wife today calls me a dreamer and its true. I am always trying to imagine my life beyond where it is currently.

Don't get me wrong, I am super thankful and grateful for what I have, and extremely content in that.

But I am always looking at the new possibilities of what I can achieve.

To me money is a bi-product of how many lives can I affect. If I can affect the lives and businesses of other entrepreneurs I am happy.

The point is, never be afraid to dream big. Never allow others to steal your dreams. Never allow what others can't see, to knock you off of the path that you can clearly see.

So…. Let your imagination run wild.

You rock,

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Mark Harbert
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